After becoming aware of what was happening around me, I quickly stood up and just as quickly dashed to my backpack and zipped it shut as fast as I could. Not being able to close it completely as the parts of some of the tools I had used earlier stuck out a little


As the door was almost half way closed, I started to sprint for the door with the backpack in my hand. Knowing that I had to get the backpack out first I started giving it a strong backwards momentum and then a forward thrust with each step I took and at the peak of my throwing arm length I let go and the backpack was flung all the way through the opening of the door which was now about sixty-five percent closed at the time.


I finally managed to get close enough to the door, which was now about seventy-five percent closed, then I powered my legs and jumped forward as hard as I possibly could in a diving position with my arms extended and making it out of the door first then my head and shoulders followed.



Unfortunately for me, the opening wasn't big enough that no matter how I positioned myself while diving out, I still ended up bumping my chest against the approaching sliding door. This threw me and my reaction time off significantly and I was forced to land on the floor right shoulder first but luckily on the other side of the door with my entire body making it all the way through.


"Kak... aak... Fffuck!" I mumbled in pain as I couldn't express what I wanted at the top of my voice. I almost dislocated my shoulder from the unplanned impact with the floor and I also managed to burn my skin from sliding forward after I fell. My uniform I had on was shirtsleeved so it wasn't able to protect my arm properly.



I got my breathing under control in an attempt at getting calm because I didn't have the time to be idling around with the alarms constantly wailing. And after I managed doing that, I instantly transitioned into a tantrum style body roll, holding my shoulder and kicking my legs in the direction I wanted my body to move to.


I rolled around until I turned to the door which was almost completely closed at that time and saw my hair ribbon, which I had been using to make the chalk powder, on the floor in-between the door and the two rooms


"No!" I whispered, reaching out my hand to grab it although I was too far and then the door finally closed completely.


"No! No! No! No!" I sat up but still holding my shoulder, scrunching my face and gritting my teeth


I crawled to the door and held on to the small piece of ribbon fabric that had made its way to my side of the door then I pulled on it, tugged on it but it wasn't budging. I didn't have enough fabric to hold on to and the door was sealed so tight that nothing could get through it.


"Fuck!" I finally gave up and let go after giving it all the strength I had.


I had just made a huge mistake and anyone who sees that ribbon would know that there truly was an intruder who tampered with everything and had made it all the way down here.


Meanwhile, the alarms were still going in the white room I just got out off but wasn't in the room I was in at the moment, the one which was filled with all those boxes and equipment. The door between the two rooms had muffler the sound of the alarm significantly but it was still coming through none the less.

I got up on my feet with my entire body aching and some bruises here and there.


"I don't have time to worry about that" I exhaled to calm myself and free my mind


Now left with no other choice of going forward I quickly bent over and stuffed my supplies back into my backpack as some of them fell out when the backpack landed on the floor and because the zip wasn't fully done, the opening for them to pour out was there. I kept my things in order while I tried to think of what to do next.


'Think Samuels think, this is just a hiccup, you are considerably a smart guy so think. What's going to be your next move?' I thought while taking the switch blade from all the tools that had fallen out to the closed door then I ripped the piece of ribbon that was hanging out the door so that it wouldn't be showing on this side. That's as much as I could do at the moment.

After I had done that, I went back to the backpack and stuffed both the blade and the ripped piece of ribbon back into the backpack. While doing that, I realize something I was too distracted to realize earlier.


"Wait a minute, the alarms are on. I could hear and also see the flashing lights in the previous room but was I the only one who could see them? What about the security?" I said then rubbed the finger tips of my left hand against my forehead, moving my hand in a circle pattern as I gave myself a little massage to arrange my thoughts.


"No no no, I took care of the cameras so there's no way they can see me" I said then looked around and to my luck there weren't any cameras in this room of boxes.

"No cameras, I'm good... Phew!" I said then looked into the screen of my phone which was the only thing I hadn't put back into the backpack yet then I read the time [2:55pm]

"Looks like I still have about five minutes before the storage cells clear out and they gain live footage again so I'm good for the moment" The minute I came to that conclusion a contrary thought sparked in my mind 


'What if apart from the cameras there is also an external alarm system to alert them? What if I made a mistake and they rebooted the system sooner than my calculated time thereby clearing the stored data in the cells. Did I really think about this plan properly before I decided to go with it?'


"Shit, what if this, what if that. Too many what ifs and I'm running out of time here. Doing this and thinking about possibilities won't solve anything. I can't take any chances and I need to get out of here" Slowly I stuffed the phone into the backpack and zipped it shut then wore it as I stood up as I had been crunched down all this time.


I walked backwards, looking at the door I jumped out through until I got close to the elevator and then I turned around and faced it. I went to the side and pressed the down button once but after waiting nothing happened, there was no indication of it coming down.

I was putting all my hope that they hadn't rebooted the system and were still on looped camera feed so they wouldn't see me even if I got into the elevator because as for me, that was my only way of escape.

"What's going on? Was this also shut down?"


*TAP* *TAP* *TAP*.

After a couple tries of pressing the button but still getting nothing to happen I decided to chang tactics and started to rapidly press the down button for the elevator to come down to the sub level but it still wasn't working. This was the "if being gentle doesn't work then add more force into it tactic" but that wasn't going to cut it here. The alarm had shut off all elevator activity on my end and in essence leaving me trapped.

"Of course it isn't working, what was I expecting? Looks like I'm totally screwed" I balled my hands and dropped my face into them in regrets, contemplating on my options which weren't favorable ones.


'If I leave Amanda's body right now and jump back to my time that would automatically mean that she would get caught which in on itself isn't that big a deal because she's a kid and they would most likely let her go being how she's Brian's kid, however, that would also mean me returning to an entirely new time line different than the one I left from where she wasn't and that might be bad. But now that I think of it, there wasn't that much information on Brian and Amanda so maybe getting caught wouldn't affect my timeline at all. I can't return to this same body after jumping back and I can't get Brian as a host because of his Dot Log Chip situation and this time period is the only one in which getting the Black box code is remotely possible because after now the security here will become so tight that there's no way I can achieve it. More so if I jump out of Amanda and she gets caught. Hmmm, what should I do?' 

That was why I jumped back to this time and didn't return even after I entered the wrong host and now my chances of accomplishing my mission were getting slimmer by the second.



Suddenly, the sound of the elevator descending from one floor to the next.


"Huh?" I took my face out of my hands and squinted at the lights above the elevator door due to vision adjustment.


"Hmm? The elevator, it's coming down?" I said with a little smile and got back the hope that I had lost but hope is ever rarely something that lasts long.


"Wait a minute, I didn't press the button so who— The GHA security!" My eyes shone wide open as I let out a heavy *GASP*


I panicked and grabbed the multipurpose screwdriver from my backpack and threw the backpack on the floor again, then I rushed to the panel next to the elevator door and opened it as fast as I could.*UNSCREW*

I reached for the door command circuit which was behind a small opening and the opening was too small that I could barely pass my hand through but when it did after applying more force I had received multiple cuts from the sides of the opening. My need to succeed in what I was doing right now was more important to me that the pain I was feeling all over my body so the moment my hand made it through I fished out the wires and ripped them out.


"Ahhh!" The current from the circuit ran through my body pushing me away and it threw me to the floor


"What?" My voice and vision faded as I lost consciousness. 






Everything became muffled and then quiet as I had my eyes closed while I laid flat on the floor unconscious for a whole two minutes. Two minutes which I got to think and process things properly and then...


*Gasp* I got back my consciousness as I sat up and faced the elevator door again. Looking at the elevator I could hear almost inaudible and muffled banging noise and voices coming from it and with the more time that passed the more audible the sound became.


"Must be those security bastards, well the door won't be able to open on its own so if you want access you would have to pry it open yourself" I said to myself but my words echoed in my ears. I was experiencing a sensation that gave me so much focus, which could have been due to the adrenaline pumping through me, that it felt like everything slowed down a bit and I was gifted with more time to think.

What I did was only a temporary fix because with no way to also use the elevator I needed another way out. Luckily, my mind was now in overdrive, searching for exactly that.

I got back on my feet and started to move my head around the room from left to right, up to down for a way out. My skin at the moment was also feeling extra sensitive so I felt a mild breeze brush against my face which got me thinking so I took a couple deep breaths to observe that the air in the room didn't feel stuffy and now coming to the conclusion there should be an air purification system somewhere. I searched some more and by luck I saw an air vent at the top of one of the boxes.

"What is this!?" It was dark enough that I didn't see it at first when I had entered the room for the first time but now I did.


I could feel myself slowly pulling out of the sensation and I knew that that would come with some physical drawback afterwards so I needed to use that to my advantage now before it wears off. With that in mind I hurriedly went back to close the elevator panel that I had opened, then I grabbed my backpack and went Tarzan on the boxes, heading straight for the air vent.


While on my George of the jungle solo mission up the boxes, I could still hear banging against the door and as I got to the air vent, about to open it up with the multipurpose screwdriver, the end of a crowbar poked out of the elevator and the doors started to be opened up, slowly but surely.


I opened the vent, threw my backpack in and got inside then I closed it back behind me and just as I did, in a matter of seven seconds later the security bursted in grabbing their black flash lights from their waist with their similarly coloured batons already in hand and started to check the place.

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