I first threw my backpack through the bottom opening of the vent to the floor in order to accurately measure the distance I had to jump. It took one and a half seconds, roughly two seconds to hit the ground which gave me a good estimate of the distance I had to jump. Because of my new size, which I was still getting used to, my read of 3D spaces wasn't that accurate hence the bag toss.

With that known now I bolstered myself and jumped down, trying to position my body in the air so that I'll land well and I landed right next to my backpack but I wasn't able to balance myself properly for the land and ended up twisting my left ankle. *CRACK*


"AHH!" Immediately my ankle got twisted and the instant influx of pain caused my knees became weak and so I dropped and fell flat on the floor, screaming.

Reflexively I sat up and held my sprained ankle then I screamed out once more in pain but luckily there was nobody around to hear me or even cameras for that matter. It was a completely isolated part of the building with its own power source and these were all things I wasn't going to know about until later on.


I sat down for a couple of minutes massaging my sprained ankle with gritted teeth, tears on my eyes and vibrating hands due to the pain while looking around and observing the room every moment i remained sitting with the first thing on my mind being the location of an exit but unfortunately for the time being I couldn't find any.


The one thing I observed was that this room was a medical lab, at least that was what the machines present made me think and it was set up more like an observation and experimentation lab then a regular medical lab.

Behind me was a big mirror wall and as I looked back I could only see my own reflection staring back at me showing me the ugly yet cute grimace I had on my face. My face which was mostly covered by my fallen and unpacked hair. 

"Okay?" I mumbled then turned back still gritting my teeth.

I was sitting in the middle of this big and white all over room with only high grade state of the Art technology all around me and all I felt apart from the pain was like I had died from the jump down and went straight to tech heaven. These were all equipments that I never would have imagined were going to be here.


"Awesome–" I whispered but got interrupted when--



A strong and loud smashing sound evolved from the left end of the room.


"What was that!?" I panicked and lightening quick turned my vision to the left the moment I heard the sound and remained looking at that spot for a couple tens of seconds but after the second time the sound didn't repeat itself again. The minute I started to move my head to look away suddenly the sound came yet again *BAM*


"What is that?" I whispered again but this time more in a curious and less panicky tone.



My overwhelming curiosity took over me and so I managed to get up on my feet, one foot to be exact while trying to minimize the pressure I placed on my left leg which had the sprained ankle and so I started to walk in the direction the banging noise had just emanated from, limping as I moved along.



"What are these?" To my right were three large high tech glass box containment units positioned one after the other, side by side one another, and the sound was coming from the last one to the far left, next to the wall.

"Are those Typograph Layer Moduling Crystals on them?" I said as I walked closer and got to observe even more about the glass box containment units and the shimmer that the Typograph crystals gave off to the light was unmistakable on them.

The first containment unit was empty but had little droplets of water on it's wall and patches of water on the bottom as well.


"Something must have been in here recently"


I continued to move forward, walking over to the next containment unit and it was completely empty except for scratch marks on the walls. The marks were of different sizes but looked like to have been made by the same creature which got me to wonder what type of creature had claws that could scratch tapered glass and leave a well visible mark on it.

"Let's see what the crystals can tell me" I placed my hand on the wall and the crystals on it activated, functioning like a display screen showing me an overview of what had recently been recorded on it.

[SUBJECT CLASS: Aerial specie

TEST: Modification coefficient not compatible with a lack of adaptability progression...

RESULTS: Failed]

Then right under all the information displayed was a symbol for a recorded video overview of the test subject. I raised my hand forward to press the play symbol and start the video when to my left there was another slamming sound which was even louder this time due to my close proximity to it. 

The noise caused me to jolt back with fear, stepping hard with my left foot and got an intense stream of pain immediately I did that and so I was distracted from what I was going to do.


I quickly readjusted my position and the pressure on my left leg, limping back from the second containment unit and took a couple steps to the side and as I got closer to the third and last unit the smashing noise stopped and the room became completely silent. 

The sudden silence filled me with chills in my spine and this time I had the same amount of fear coming from my consciousness to match that coming from my host Amanda and the double dosage was terrifying.


My breathing had already been affected the moment I entered into the room because of the ACs it had at every corner and this situation made it even worse with me feeling lightheaded and my vision a bit blurred



Standing right in front of the last glass containment unit with most of my weight being placed on my right leg I saw a pale sliver furred rabbit in the middle lying on its stomach with it's face planted on the floor inside.


The Typograph Layer Moduling Crystals on the walls of this glass containment unit also functioned like screens with digital readings being displayed on it already. Oxygen intake, heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, brainwave scans and much more were being displayed right in front of me and I couldn't understand exactly why.

"Just how sick is this bunny that they needed all these equipment just to monitor it or by any chance is this a cloning experiment? Hmmm!" I grunted as I placed my hand on the surface of the glass unit.

I reached out for one of the icons on the wall stretching as high as I possibly could with my right good leg but my hands were only long enough to touch the icon for the brainwaves scan which was the second to last one at the bottom.

"This height thing is starting to become annoying" I complained as I stepped back to get a better look of the now popped up brainwave scan on the surface of the glass.

With all the research and experiments I did while building my time matrix which actually uses brainwaves alteration and suppression as it's base to enable me to time travel, I now currently knew more about the subject than anybody else on the planet, future and present. Or at least that's my assumption.

After pressing the brainwave scan icon every other icon got smaller and adjusted to the right, lining up one over the other while the rabbit's brainwave graph magnified and covered the glass wall showing in real time.


Still with the distance between myself and the glass containment unit I positioned my index finger relatively with the imagery on the glass


"Magnificent, look at that, the neurons are firing at twice the normal rate and more information is being processed because of that..." I was joy filled looking at it.


"...but wait a minute, it's consciousness is completely shut off, damaged cerebrum?" I pondered


I looked at the rabbit currently lying down as if dead.


"This makes no sense, if the cerebrum has been shut off and from these reading for a long time now then what were those smashing noise I heard earlier, muscle spasms? Just what are they doing observing something like th—" I was interrupted when suddenly there was another



*GASP* I drew in a breath sharply then fell to the floor, landing on my butt and elbows, obtaining few bruises on them. I couldn't utter any words and had my eyes wide open and my body trembling as I stared into the glass to see what was a supposed to be an immobile and unconscious rabbit fully animated and dashing back and forth slamming its head on the wall, aiming at me. *BAM* *BAM* *BAM*


My eyes flickered to the graph of the brainwave reading on the wall still showing that the cerebrum was not active and everything was flat but how was this possible? Meanwhile, the minimized icon of the other readings were lighting up to show excitation in their values.

The combination of my sprained ankle and the trembles in my knees wouldn't let me get back up. I just sat there watching how the rabbit transitioned from slamming its head and then bleeding from the impact to brushing its body on the sides of the wall as it walked from one edge to the next.

My heart was pounding when all of a sudden the recorded video overview which I had forgotten to press on the second glass containment unit started to play itself. I guess that there's a time delay to it and the video plays automatically as long as it's been brought up.

The first thing that was shown was the specie the test subject was and it was an eagle with a scar on it's right eye leading to its beak and the eagle was gently standing at the inside of the glass containment unit scratching on the wall with it's claws.


My eyes quickly fidgeted to the image being played and at first the sight surprised me but because of how calm the bird looked I was also forced to think nothing of it, making me to calm down a bit.


The overview feed then transitioned to the images of a similar looking but then more pale looking eagle with the same scar and a lighter eye colour in comparison to the previous one scratching the walls with more force and speed while it flinched irregularly.

"A different bird?" I pondered with my heart spiking up and pounding a little bit.

Just as I was occupied with the footage on the second glass unit the blood of the rabbit in the third was getting stuck to the wall and it's fur was almost completely stained red while the excess blood dripped to the floor inside the glass as it circled inside it's containment unit *TAP* *TAP* *TAP*


The final overview footage from the second containment unit got me into a panic again as the subject was an even more pale feathered eagle with even lighter coloured eyes, same but yet wider scar and a more pronounced beak that was bigger in size which made me to wonder if Eagles get that big.

The bird was going rabbid inside it's containment unit like the rabbit earlier, clawing on the walls and scrubbing on it with it's beak and leaving well made marks on it and then the video stopped.



"What the fuck was that?"

I hadn't gotten my mind in a good place when I went back to look at the rabbit who with time it's movement had slowed down and almost completely stopped when sporadically a chamber at the top corners of the box opened up and a purple coloured gas filled the containment unit from button to top.

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