The gas was so dense that I could no longer see the rabbit inside 


I went from hyperventilating to being able to slowly calm breathing and myself and regained my senses. 

Even the trembles in my knees had lessened considerably allowing me to get up and move backward slowly while trying to see if anything was going to happen next which I hoped wouldn't

After a couple minutes of filling the box all the gas got sucked through another opening and the glass became transparent again.


"W-what the hell was that just now? What an erratic and untamed behavior. What were these people doing with these animals that made them like that? Did the gas knock it out or something?" I had endless amounts of questions and leaned my body forward to check the state of the rabid rabbit but still kept a safe distance and as I did my heart kept on pounding


"What is that?" I jolted then got into a defensive position and almost fell as I accidentally put pressure on my sprained ankle

The sound was coming from my backpack this time

"The cellphone?" I said. 

Amanda's phone was vibrating from inside the backpack and the room was quiet enough that from the distance it was standing I was still able to hear it.


I limped back and got the phone from the bag. It was an alarm set for 4pm and saved as DAY WITH DAD with a smiley face emoji attached 

"4pm huh?" 

I sighed as I slid the screen to the right to dismiss the alarm and looked back at the containment units "I need to fucking find a way out of here"

I grabbed the backpack and limped back to the rabbit cage with each step getting easier as the pain on my ankle was starting to subside and when I got there I began to naively look for an exit button or something of that nature. 

I was mentally exhausted and wasn't in the right state of mind to think for an out of the box solution at the moment

Unfortunately, none of the icons looked like it served as an exit button and after giving up and lowering my head in defeat all of a sudden all the icons vanished and the word EXIT spread across the screens of all the glass units pulsating then the floor under them opened up and the containment units went into the space created with the opening closing back on top of them.

"What just happened? Did I do that?" Not knowing what to do the only thing that came to mind was to not panic at least 

Now left completely alone in this very spacious room with nowhere to go as I couldn't go back up the vent because of the distance I contemplated calling Brian for assistance then jumping out if Amanda's body.

"Looks like there's no other choice" I went into my contacts and searched for however Brian's name was stored in it and went on to press CALL



The message confirming if I actually wanted to go through with the call came on and I went on to press it as well but before I could


Behind me and next to the mirrored wall a door sized opening appeared out of nowhere followed by a *BEEP* the sound of an elevator door opening at the other side of the door

"Okay?" I dropped my hand and whispered sceptically

"Where did this one come from? It's just one thing after the next since I got here" I sighed and lackadaisically walked forward a few feet swinging my body with each step

"Fuck it" I shrugged

With nothing else to do I walked out of the observation lab through the door which lead me to a corridor so dark that I couldn't tell how far it went on for to the right but to the left was the open elevator whose light sipped into that corridor and stopped at my feet.


Already at my limits with unwanted surprises I got into the elevator and pressed the only button I could find on the panel.

The doors closed slowly and through the small slit before closing completely I could swear I saw the figure of someone standing in the darkness watching me which filled me with conflicting emotions of confusion, doubt and terror

No matter how hard I tried my mixed emotions weren't settling down as I ascended with the elevator and the fact that I was in an unknown moving box from an unknown part of the building and going to an unknown destination didn't make it any better.

"Is it just me or does this elevator seem to move slower than the usual" I took a quick look around while standing on a spot

"Forget about moving slow is this thing even moving at all?" I stepped forward and touched the door with my full palm trying to feel any vibrations and confirm if the elevator was actually moving or not but I got nothing.

I wasn't just assuming because of paranoia, the elevator seemed to actually not move but in reality was taking me higher by the second but the problem was that it was set to move at a slow pace with balance stabilizers that stopped any form of distorted motion for whatever reason which gave the feeling of zero motion.

I also wondered if it was my perception of time or something else but it felt like I was going forever and there was no drag for me to know if I was going down or up or backwards or diagonally because the button I pressed before the doors closed didn't have a discernable shaped direction


A sharp migraine struck the side of my head as I became woozy and went off balance, falling forward and slamming my head against the door *GBAAM*

After my head hit the door and before the rest of my body did I reflexively used my hand to push again the door and roughly turned around and rested my back on them

"W—Woah, what the..." I felt like I was about to loose my consciousness and also my hold on Amanda's mind

'A—am I at my l—limit yet? No, no, that can't be, I still have some time left before her consciousness starts putting up a fight or is it that my limit was affected by something. Could it be due to all the straineous activities i've carried out in such a short amount of time?' I thought as I pushed myself backwards trying to regain my balance but not until I staggered a little with my right hand supporting my weight on the door

"It has just been eight hours since I jumped back and it's supposed to take at least twenty and at most twenty-four before I get the first headache by now I've gone straight to a migraine, damn! Things keep getting worse by the minute" I whispered with an exhausted voice.

I had done a couple of jumps before jumping into Amanda, well like two other jumps and all I did were simple tasks like walking, running, eating, painting etc then finally endurance test to know how long I could last, just activities to check if I had full control of all bodily function so the data I had couldn't compensate for all the things I had done since I made this jump

"Hmm!" I grunted as I slowly regained my strength and not a minute too soon as the elevator came to a an extremely smooth stop and the doors slid open. *DING* *SLID*

I was expecting to be surprised with another mysterious room but the second the doors opened there was nothing else in sight but what coincidentally looked to be an open doorway in the distant front and nothing else between me and it except for the floor and the walls of the corridor I found myself in. 


I slowly walked out of the elevator bracing myself by the right side of the wall in the corridor until I got close to the open doorway where from the other side I could hear moving vehicles and at that point I had gotten enough strength to walk unassisted. 

Out the doorway and into the light went

"What?!" To my surprise I was now standing outside and across the street to the GHA headquarters building to be exact. The displacement was something I truly wasn't expecting.

The natural light from outside had me reflexively shielding my eyes and squinting in pain until my vision adjusted and I was able to drop my hand.


The sound of the door sliding and locking behind me and at the same moment someone spoke to me in a calm and welcoming voice "Hey kid, you want a hotdog?"

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