<AUTHOR'S NOTE: Since the MC Akin Samuels was unconscious for most parts of this and the next chapter it was decided that the chapters should tell the story through Brian's Point Of View to show how what happens affects him until our MC wakes>




"Don't worry Amanda, everything will be just fine"

I had Amanda's hand fully wrapped in mine as I tried to reassure her not knowing if she could hear me or not but from the contact our hands were making I could feel her tremors stop and she became calm.

With her hand still wrapped in mine I extended both of them and placed the back of mine on her neck then forehead and checked the temperature

'You are burning up' I said in my mind with the intension of reducing any fear she might be feeling if she was indeed awake and could hear my every word

"Don't worry, everything is going to be just fine" I said and dropped both our hands



Few minutes later we managed to get to the hospital and in the midst of all that was happening I parked as well as I could manage at the moment then I rushed out forgetting to turn off the engine.


The sound of the siren to an ambulance truck parked at the opposite end of the parking lot just few meters away from my car but the blue and red alternating spinning lights at the top didn't care about the distance as they managed to find a way to reflect off of both me and the back of my car

'I hope that there is someone inside that can be of help to me?' I ran to the front of the ambulance truck which already had it's doors slightly open but on reaching I opened the passenger seat door even more.

"HELP! Somebody help me, my daughter needs your hel—" I screamed but unfortunately there was nobody present in both the passenger's seat and the driver's seat as well to hear me.


Out of frustration I slammed the door shut and ran to the back which was also left open but still there was no one present and not even a stretcher I could take. I was flooded with anger and confusion as to why they would leave the truck running when theu clearly weren't there to be of assistance.


Just as I was about to run back to the car from the far distance and by the entrance of the hospital the front door was opened

Two paramedics came walking out as they rolled a stretcher through the door and in the process were having a friendly discussion and also sharing a couple laughs. 

The paramedic to the left from my perspective who had his uniform sleeves rolled up to his elbow with his shirt unbuttoned from the collar to two buttons down exposing his white singlet and chest hair and by his left chest just above his uniform pocket was a name tag with the name Mark Favour written on it. 

He was the one who opened the door while his partner pushed the stretcher out

The man to the right with his shirt sleeved uniform properly buttoned but had minor blood stains on certain areas and even on his chin and the frame of his glasses. 

As written boldly on his tag George Joseph along with Mark Favour were both staffs of the Blue Gardens private teaching hospital and to show it their uniforms were a sky blue colour.

"I never expected that my last shift of the day would end with such a ridiculous and hilarious case" said Mark as he held the door in place for George to pass through

"Haha... I know right" George replied with a laugh then continued "I mean this guy tries to commit suicide by slitting his wrist then he sees the blood and gets squeamish, becomes woozy then passes out on his kitchen floor" He spoke mockingly

"Luckily for him his Dot Log chip recorded everything and alerted the police and then they us or he would have been a goner" said Mark as he let go of the door then they slowly closed on their own

"Yeah what a lucky and unlucky bastard... Well I guess that if that had happened then he would have gotten his wish so maybe us saving his life was actually a disservi— Hey look at that, what's going on over there?" George said pointing to the ambulance truck with his chin the minute Mark caught up to him from behind

"Who is that?" George said

"What's that dude guy trying to do? Hey... Hey dude, what the hell you think you are doing with our truck!?" Mark shouted and they both started moving towards the me and the truck at a jogging pace.

I saw the both of them approaching and I got a bit relieved

"Thank God" I sighed 

I rushed to the back seat of my car and carried Amanda out then with her in both hands I jogged and met up with the paramedics placing her onto their stretcher

"Wait up dude, there's blood on that" George interjected

I didn't really care about what they were saying to me at the moment and they could see it in how I acted

"Please hurry, take my daughter in!" I begged


We started pushing the stretcher back into the hospital with George pushing from behind and Mark pulling from the front while I ran ahead and opened the door for them *CLICK*

"Huh?" One of the nurses who was close to the door when I opened it had taken notice of the force I used to do it so she stood in a daze

"Coming through!" Mark shouted and she snapped out of it

I waited for the stretcher to completely pass the door before I left it and ran inside

Mark and George took the stretcher to the counter and started to talk with the nurse there trying to get help for Amanda while I ran to the middle of the room in a panic 

"Doctor! Doctor! I need a doctor!" I yelled out at the top of my lungs which caught the attention of everyone inside. 

My display of panic was too abrasive that one of the nurses who didn't know that I was with Mark and George and needed immediate help walked up to me "Sorry sir but can you keep it down...This is a hospital after all"

The nurse's words caused me to vibrate with anger as I stared her deep in the eyes looking down due to the difference in height "keep it down? Keep it down?! My daughter needs help and you are telling to keep it down?" I screamed at her

I continued yelling until I finally caught the attention of one of the doctors who was doing a lecture with some medical students and unknown to me Mark and George were already and we're almost done making arrangements with one of the nurses at the counter to have Amanda checked.

The doctor left the students and walked over to me then the students followed behind her keeping enough distance that they wouldn't cause an interference but they could still be able hear what was happening and take notes.

"What's the matter here nurse?" The doctor asked the nurse who I had previously scolded

"Well doctor this man—" The nurse said but I interrupted her before she could finish her sentence

"Doctor please I need help. My daughter was having a seizure until some minutes ago on the drive here and she still hasn't regained consciousness"

The reason the moment I brought Amanda through the door and she wasn't immediately taken to a room for medical check and the rest was because the Blue Gardens was a private teaching hospital and they did things through a systemic process to make sure that while presenting a patient with the attention needed they don't disrupt the flow of work which was already in place and at the moment George and Mark were handling the process and once finish a thirty seconds after we entered Amanda would have gotten the attention she needed but since I had a panic outburst I disrupted that process and it was still within fifteen seconds since we entered the hospital that the doctor approached me

"Okay" the doctor took out her hand from her lab coat and used it to open Amanda's eyes then out of her other pocket she brought out a small flash light and shone it in her eyes and the pupils dilated.

Next she took her stethoscope from around her neck and checked Amanda's heart beat and after looking at  her wrist watch to measure the beating rate she dropped everything back to their original place and stuffed her hands back into her coat

"Mr...?" The doctor asked me

"Nevel, Brian Nevel doctor" I responded

"Okay Mr Nevel, tell me exactly what happened"

"The truth is I don't even know doctor—"

"Miracle. My name Doctor Bright Miracle so you can call me Doctor Miracle or Miracle Doctor if you are into something like that" she interrupted then smiled to calm me

"Okay Doctor Miracle. As I was saying I don't really know what happened, we had just gotten home after eating out when she suddenly dropped to the floor and started having an uncontrollable spasm" I said and immediately got flashes of the dreadful sight of Amanda jecking on the ground which filled me with sadness


"Yes doctor, I don't know what could have caused it but earlier after work she said that she fell and wasn't feeling fine after that" I again flashed back to how I saw Amanda with all the scrapes and bruises 

After I thought about it I figured that it was clear that Amanda was trying to hide how injured she was from me and when I met up with her by the car she had her handkerchief wrapped around her hand like she was trying to hide something but during the recreational activities we did at the restaurant I was able to catch a glimpse of what looked like cuts under it but I wasn't sure because of the colour of the kerchief and the light from the room we were in so I decided to check it when we got home

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