"She fell? From what distance" Doctor Miracle inquired and gestured at the nurse beside us to get something

"Just from my office desk to the floor which isn't that far but after lunch she was feeling fine....We even played games and all so i don't know what happened"

I was filled with saddened emotions and confusion but most of all I was disappointed at my carelessness for not knowing that something was wrong until it got to this point

"From your office table to the floor, is that were she got all these cuts and bruises, from the fall? I kind of find that hard to believe but I'll take your word for it"

"!!" I said nothing in return

"Since you guys were together it couldn't have been food poisoning and I'm assuming that you took a taste of her food right?"

"Yes doctor, I did" I nodded

"Okay, nurse Charity!" She called the nurse who was standing next to us with her pen and paper ready 

"Yes Doctor Miracle"

"Note this down, patient, young female of... How old is she sir?" Doctor Miracle asked me

"Ten years doctor" I replied hurriedly

"And how long did the spasm last for?"

"About ten minutes or so " I replied nervously

"OK. Young female, ten years old, fell from an office desk, possible head trauma and hours later went into an uncontrollable seizure which lasted for ten minutes but could have been more. Got it?" She turned over to the nurse for confirmation

"Yes, got it doctor"

"That will be all then. Take Mr Nevel to the other end of the counter and let him fill the report then tell them to prep the MRI room for me ASAP, I want to know what's going on in there and also get her wounds covered up"

"Alright doctor"

Doctor Miracle turned around and faced the students and pulled out her hands from her coat again followed by a *CLAP* to grab their attention

"Okay, which one of you wants to be my little assistant for today and get some hands on experience?" Miracle asked and the students started to murmur amongst themselves while trying to avoid eye contact as they weren't ready for any of what was going to happen.

They continued to act oblivious and shy until one of them from the back raised her hand and Miracle pointed her out "You! What's your name?"

"It's Vanessa doctor" The oval face shaped girl with golden brown hair that stopped at her shoulder level and blue glasses that really made her matching blue eyes to pop spoke with confidence

"I see that we have an overachiever with us today, well that's good, I was and still am one myself... You have to be if you want to put these guys in their place" Miracle smiled at Vanessa who then gave an awkward smile back

"You are going to be my little assistant today so come over here and everyone let's go... Everyone follow me" Miracle said then waited for Vanessa to join her in front before leading the team of medical students to the next room


After taking a couple steps forward Miracle stopped and turned around to look at Brian and then turned her head to the counter gesturing with her eyes then she turned back and left with the students

"Follow me Mr Nevel" A different nurse from the one who took notes for Miracle approached me with a notepad in her hand asking me to fill the forms.




Meanwhile, in the MRI room. Everything had already been set up and Amanda had already been placed inside the MRI machine as Miracle prepped herself for the scanning process

"Nurse, get me the scanner over there, you know the one" Miracle asked gesturing below the counter by the wall which had drawers underneath it

The nurse went over and brought a small hand held black scanner with her and gave it to Miracle who used it to scan around Amanda's head area in search of her Dot Log Chip and finally locating the position of the Chip which was around her neck just below the ear then she marked it with a marker pen.

There was a little scar from the Dot Log implant to show the doctor where the implant was without using the scanner but as a doctor she needed to be a hundred percent certain and that it wasn't a birthmark or from something else.

Also the scanner have her some information about the position of the Dot Log Chip that just looking at the scar placement wouldn't have

Miracle then turned the scanner around and pulled out a small cartridge like shaped item from the bottom of the handle then gave back the scanner to the nurse who then returned it to its original location

"Um doctor, what are you going to do with that?" Vanessa asked with a curious look adjusting her glasses while she waited for a reply

"Kid...Vanessa was it?"

"Yes doctor"

"Have you gotten your Dot Log chips implants yet?" She said as she configured certain coordinates she got on the scanner on the cartridge

"No doctor, not yet, why?"

Miracle sighed then asked with a serious expression "Loaded question, what would happen if you have something metallic near the MRI when its turned on?" She asked while she inputted the final value on the cartridge

"It will get sucked out by the shear magnetic force of the MRI doctor" Vanessa replied 

"You are competent, that's good then answer me this...what would happen if said metallic item was let's say, implanted somewhere around your neck?" After the final number was inputted the cartridge lit up yellow by the side indicating it's activation

"It would...Um... It would get sucked out by the MRI" Vanessa replied bashfully

"In a violent manner at that, damaging some nerves and blood vessels on its way out and if not treated swiftly the patient could die. Never forget that"

"Sorry doctor"

Miracle looked at Vanessa through the sides of her eye then sighed "What's with the face? Cheer up kid... Unlike your friends over at the other side you are actually getting pieces of useful information" With a smile she used her finger to flick Vanessa's chin up.

"Th—they aren't really my friends but okay Doctor" Vanessa let out a nervous half smile and adjusted her glasses 

"Yes... As for your earlier question" Miracle raised the cartridge and held it in front of Vanessa's face

"What this is is an EMFO, Electromagnetic Field Obstructor specifically made by the GHA along with the scanners it's attached to for these types of situation and what it does is that on getting within a considerable distace from an implanted Dot Log chip it creates a field around it from the coordinates inputted so it doesn't affect the flesh surrounding the chip and counteracts any incoming electromagnetic field lines and prevents both electric and magnetic influence"

"Ooh, OK doctor so that means that while using the coordinates from the scanner it creates the field in the tiny space between the surface of the Dot Log Chip and the flesh surrounding it" Vanessa blinked multiple times at the explanation

Miracle flicked the cartridge through her fingers like a gambler before she dropped her hand "So is that all or do you have anything more that you would like to ask... No? Then lets get on with our work shall we" she smiled

Miracle placed the EMFO on the mark she made on Amanda's neck then she turned it on which displayed a blue light at the other end and then bonded with the skin so that it doesn't move.

The cartridge was also impervious to electric and magnetic influence so turning on the MRI wouldn't have moved it from where it was and even if something else did the vector coordinates of the field wouldn't change as they were the coordinates of the chip from the skin

Yellow showed that the cartridge had been configured based on the information the scanner provided about the chips vector location while blue showed that it had been activated once within range of the implanted chip and that the field had covered the chip. The shade of blue darkened on the final step

Amanda was already inside the MRI machine and the nurse had already returned the scanner to a safe location which was out of reach from the electromagnetic force of attraction the machine would generate.


Miracle signalled the operators at the other side of the glass and on cue they turned on the machine and Miracle as well as Vanessa walked over to the monitors to look at Amanda's neuroimagery.

I was allowed to be present while they conducted the test and after the whole process was done Miracle walked up to me and with a stern voice she said to me

"We are done with everything so we will keep her in one of the empty rooms until she regains consciousness and once we get the results I will inform you about it. Also when we see fit she will be discharged to go home"

"Thank you doctor" I shook her hands

"No problem... As for you, you can go home and come check up on her tomorrow"

"Don't worry doctor, I will stay the night here" 

"Alright" Miracle and the other students left the room and Amanda was pulled out of the MRI and taken to one of the rooms in the hospital.

I followed them and spent the night watching her from the chair in the room.

"Please don't leave me Amanda, you're all I have left and I'll be willing to do anything just to make sure that you're okay" I cried as I prayed 

<End of Brian's POV>

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