I opened my eyes gently, taking my time before the shape of open eyes were fully realized and the first thing I saw were strange and unfamiliar ceiling patterns.

"Where am I?" I spoke out softly without any strength in my words

The room was considerably in low lighting so that my eyes wouldn't hurt because of light adjustment when I open them

Still having no idea what my current location was or why I was there lying on my back I thought of the best option which was to think logically.

I couldn't really move my body the way I wanted but with the few minute motions I could make I decided to go with them and what I could move with the strength I had was just my fingers and maybe my hand a bit with my eyes and head 

Because of how high I assumed I was and the warmth and texture of what I was laying on and the way it felt on my skin and fingers I concluded that I was on a bed.

"Bed? All signs point to that conclusion but whose is it? Amanda's? If that's the case then when did I—? I sad then got flashbacks of what happened up until I lost consciousness in the car.


"So that's what happened? Then that would mean that I'm actually in the..."  I slowly turned my head to the right and saw Brian who positioned himself on a small couch like a contortionist doing what seemed to be him sleeping "... hospital" *BLINK*

"Ouch" I felt a tiny sting in my hand like a sharp objects that was inserted into my skin so I tried stretching forward to check it but couldn't then wet with the opposite option of pulling my hand and raising it to where I could see instead


A sound came from beside me and it sounded like a metallic object hitting a plastic surface.

I pulled my hand with more force but felt resistance so I looked to the side and saw a drip stand with a drip bag on it whose tube ran downwards. "Oh"

I followed the tube and found it ran to my hand until it met a piece of cotton with yellow tape over it.

"What the..." I took a second to process before continuing "So that's what it was" I said before I raised my hand following the direction the tube was coming from in order not to pull on it and brought my hand closer to my face to see where the tube had penetrated my skin.

"hmmmmm!" Brian mumbled in his sleep while I tried clenching my hand but wasn't able to strengthen the fist

"Brian...Umm dad" There was not enough strength in my words to allow him hear me so I tried for a second time "Dad!" and he woke up

"Why am I here?" He woke up with the sound of my voice

"Amanda?" He muttered blinking at a fast pace and then rubbing his eyes

"Why am I in the hospital? What happened to me?" I was lackluster but tried to form a panic in aims of keeping appearance. Of course I had an idea as to what caused my black out but I wasn't going to say it.

"Calm down Amanda, everything's going to be Okay... You had a seizure sorry I mean you slipped and fell right after we got home and lost consciousness. I brought you here to get checked after I didn't know what to do" Brian leaned in closer to the bed

"Seizure?" I whispered after getting the hint that Brian was trying to hide the fact  "Lost consciousness? Wait, what do you mean? How long was I out for?" I looked him straight and earnestly in the eyes. 

I knew that I had lost consciousness but not for how long and not that I had a seizure before hand as I wasn't able to remember that part.

If the host ever fought back it was through mild headaches at the beginning before it got to migraines and then their mind would forcefully push me away, at least that was what I theorized because this was the first time I had ever stayed in a host for a protracted amount of time and after the first headache.

"Not very long, an hour and a half or something like that" Brian answered but it had actually been two and a half hours since I lost consciousness inside the car

"One and a half hours? Damn!" I turned the other way then whispered to myself making sure that Brian couldn't hear me


The door opened and then someone came inside. It was a feminine figure with the stereotype doctor's attire down to the stethoscope wrapped around the neck.

"Hello Amanda" The lady said politely

"Hello?" I replied 

"I'm Doctor Miracle. You don't know me but we met while you were still unconscious and I'm a friend of your dad's" she smiled

"Ooh, is that right"

"Yes. I was the one who ran the tests on you...So I came to see how your head is feeling, any pains or headaches?" Miracle gestured at her head

With opened eyes I unconsciously mimicked her  movements "Not at the moment, no" before I realised what I was doing and dropped my hand which made Miracle to let out a little smile

"You are very mature for someone your age aren't you, other kids would not have been able to answer me so calmly" she stuffed her hands into her coat

"Thank you, I get that a lot"

"You should get some rest, I have something to discuss with your dad" she ended our conversation with a smile then looked to Brian

"Mr Nevel can we talk outside for a minute" Miracle gestured to the door with only the movement of her head

"Sure thing doctor" he replied "Amanda? I will just be a minute"

Both of them went outside the room then closed the door halfway. I could still see parts of their clothing through the opening but their conversation was inaudible to me so I just leaned back and got some needed rest



Outside my room Brian was having a discussion with Miracle and he looked on edge

"What's the result doctor?"

"No need to panic Mr Nevel but after I analyzed Amanda's brain scans I found something very peculiar"

Almost having his jaw and shoulders drop "Peculiar? In what sense?" he inquired

"Remember I said peculiar so keep an open mind okay? So it appears that your daughter Amanda has two sets of brainwaves floating around in her head." Miracle dropped the ball without thinking twice 

"What do you mean by two sets of brainwaves? Is that normal?" Brian made the number two with his fingers raised to chin level. He of course knew that having two sets of brainwaves wasn't normal but he was in a panic so his mind wasn't in the right place at the moment

"Not in the least Mr Nevel. People only have one set of brainwaves but for some reason your daughter has two, a dormant and an active one."

"!!" Brian from this point remained speechless waiting for Miracle to finish talking 

"At first it was difficult identifying it and without thorough inspection we would have missed it but it's definitely there" she nodded with her eyes closed 

"Was it from the fall doctor?" Brian asked nervously

"That seems very unlikely, no! And I know what you must be thinking but no, our machine isn't having any technical issues, I checked"

"OK, so what does that mean doctor?"

"Well, apart from the bizarre nature of it this would have been nothing to make mention of yet but the thing is that the active brainwave seems to be sending signals to underdeveloped regions of her brain and forcing a response from them which is causing her headaches... Another problem is the dormant set of brainwaves"

"Problems? There's another?" Brian looked utterly destroyed

"It's trying to become active and interfers with the other set and the clash of both sets of brainwaves in turn causes the seizures"

Brian became befuddled and wide eyed "Isn't there anything you can do doctor?"

At Brian's question Miracle lowered her head and exhaled slowly then she raised it with a deep inhale through her mouth

"I'm sorry Mr Nevel but at our current medical capabilities there's nothing we could possibly do as this is the first time we are seeing anything like this"

"And if this continues?" Brian asked

"I'm sorry to say but if this continues Amanda stands a possible chance of becoming brain damaged and in other cases fall into a vegetative state".

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