It finally happened, Brian's jaw dropped and his shoulders became deflated "Brain damaged? What do you mean brain damaged? How can a couple of seizures result to that?" 

"Calm down Mr Nevel or do you want Amanda to hear you" Miracle leaned back and closed the door completely *CLICK*

"I'm saying that brain damage is a possible outcome but I'm not a hundred percent certain, this is uncharted territory after all. We could make a medical breakthrough tomorrow or in the next hour somewhere else in the world nobody knows" she said as she placed her hand on his shoulder "Are you calm now?"


"Sometimes miracles that go beyond the scope of science can happen. Amanda might just wake up in the morning without any trace of the intrusive set of brainwaves anymore and this will all turn into a bad memory to laugh about in years to come" She gave a reassuring smile


Miracle after seeing a slight crack in Brian's down-in-the-dumps countenance she dropped her hand off from his shoulder and proceeded to speak 

"I have to thank you, because of little Amanda over there we might just be able to take one step forward in brain medicine and even if we are unable to help her we might be able to save another little girl or boy in the future"

Brian became teary eyed and wavy lipped. He rubbed his eyes clear with his wrist. *SNIFF*

"I know that you are trying to reassure me but that isn't what I want to hear right now"

"I know Brian, just have faith and things might work out in your favour" Doctor Miracle placed her hand on his shoulder once more then she walked off while Brian watched her


"I can't let her see me like this" He arranged himself and walked back inside the room

I turned my head and looked at him as he say back on the couch and then I noticed that something was different about him especially his eyes which looked like they were irritated due to him rubbing them off of tears

"Are you okay?" I asked 

"Of course" He smiled and leaned back into the couch


I looked at him in silence for some seconds "Is that so, okay! So when am I getting discharged?" I said still feeling like he was hiding something

"Discharge? The doctor didn't really say anything about that but for me I think that it should be okay to go home in the morning" He said then thought 'I would have like to say and still have some tests run on you just in case but it can't be helped'

"Morning huhn?" I took my head and looked at the ceiling 'This may be my last chance of getting those Black box codes so I can't be lying down here when morning comes' I thought then looked back at him "What time is it?"

"The time? Lemme check, it should be... the time is a couple minutes after ten [10:13pm]" he checked his wristwatch

"There's still time, we should be able to leave an hour from now"

"An hour from now? You just woke up and aren't strong yet and there's a lot of time to get the rest you need so why the rush? Where is this coming from?" He smiled nervously


'This guy, do you always have to...' "Umm, I don't feel comfortable spending a night here and I feel like I would get more rest if I was on my own bed dad"

Brian's face relaxed and he considered what I said "You aren't comfortable? You want me to get Doctor Miracle to come check you again?" He leaned in forward and held my hand

I fake smiled "No, I'm feeling great..." then I moved my body to show that I had gained my lost energy then continued "I just want to spend the rest of our father and daughter work day in my own bed and not in an hospital, that's all" I kept smiling 'Now drop it'

Brian smiled as well "Look at me forgetting what today was, alright got you I'll go tell the doctor"




Later that night I was discharged and went home with Brian. The drive home was a quiet one with Brian trying to smile but the grief in his heart wouldn't let him. 

At that moment I didn't know what was going on nor anything about the news he got from the doctor but I knew it had to be something bad because I could see the sadness in his eyes.

It really mattered to me because even if this wasn't my body I didn't want to be the one responsible for something happening to it and I knew that I couldn't stay for another full day because I didn't want to make things worst. 

I had to get what I came for and jump back immediately before the migraine started again but if I finally couldn't come up with a plan by morning to get the program I would just leave before causing any more heartache 

We got home by some minutes to 12, 11:49pm to be exact. There weren't really that many neighbors where Brian lived and the houses were very spaced from each other so no one noticed us pulling up the driveway by that time in the night

I got out and went to the door which already had the keys inserted in the lock as because of the panic Brian had forgotten to take out the keys. Even at the hospital, it was after I got out of the MRI machine and was placed in the vacant room that Brian went back to turn off his car engine.


Brian was walking slowly and as I made it to the door he bent over and picked up his briefcase on the ground and dusted it a little *DAB* *DAB*

I didn't want to open the door myself so I waited for him to came over and opened the door for us to enter into the house and maybe that would lighten his mood a bit but sadly it didn't.

"D- dad?"

"hmmm...Yes?" He held the door for me to pass through

"You've been acting strange ever since I woke up in the hospital and had that talk with Doctor Miracle, did something happen that i'm not aware of?" I spoke out of genuine curiosity and concern

He gave a fake smile "Don't worry about me, i just have a lot of things in my mind at the moment. You should take your bath and get some rest"

"I've been resting all day. I think I'm mature enough for you to tell me what's really happening, I mean you heard what the doctor said yourself" I tried persuading him until he gave in

"You're right. Sometimes I forget just how big you've gotten... Okay, here it goes. The truth is, remember earlier in the hospital I said that you collapsed and fainted from missing a step?"


"Well he truth is tha you actually went into a seizure and the doctor said that there is something in your head that's causing it and if they don't treat it you could get worse"

"Worse?" I walked through the door

"Yes, your brain could become badly damaged"

'Damn, i already knew that Amanda's consciousness has started to push back but i didn't expect this to happen. At this rate...' I thought to myself

"What about treatment, isn't there a drug that could stop it?"

"That's just it, there isn't one at the moment, but don't worry about it, that good doctor assured me that they will work their hardest to fix this so there's no need to be scared. All you need to do is live a normal life like none of this is happening but for my sake no more rough plays..." He walked inside and gestured a PLEASE with both palms pressed together "..You'll be able to do for me won't you?"

"Yeah, i'll be able to do that. Thanks dad for telling me this" I had gotten accustomed to calling Brian "dad" that it just rolled off my tongue

"No problem, now go on to your room" He gestured at the top of the stairs with only a movement of his head

"Oh, wait... You haven't eaten so I was wondering if you would like me to cook something for you to eat, I know that you've been the one doing the cooking since and are really good at it but I promise not to disappoint" He smiled 

'Amanda does the cooking?' I smiled "Don't worry about it, the food we ate was enough for me, really"

"Alright then... Oh, oh, wait again, you want me to take you up and draw a bath for you" He asked as he took off his couplings

"What about acting like nothing is wrong and carrying on with my normal activities... Don't worry, I'll be fine on my own"

"You sure?"

"It's just upstairs, it's not like there's a one eyed green monster in my closet or anything" I smiled

"Okay, I'll be down in my room if you need anything"

"Alright!" I went up the stairs when from the living room Brian said something as he walked to his room "Maybe it's under your bed" 

I laughed making it to the top then turned right heading to one of the rooms there without knowing which was Amanda's

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