"These are starting to get uncomfortable" Using the heel of one foot to press against the tip of the other foot I took off both shoes and felt the cold of the floor on the bottom of my feet which got me more relaxed as I moved my shoulders and rolled my head cracking my neck in the process *CRACK*


With one foot planted on the floor I raised the other with only the toes making contact with the floor then I moved the leg around causing my ankle to crack and free up until I was satisfied then I alternated and did the same for the other foot

"Now that's better" I smiled 


I picked up the shoes and walked a little further in the corridor before I came to the spot where I was having three room doors in front of me, two to my left and one to my right spaced in the the order that the first was by the left then the next by the right and finally the last by the left again.

I scratched my chin softly with my right index finger "One has to be Amanda's right, but which is it?" while my left hand was placed on my hip

I walked in and the first door I went to was the one on the left since it was the closest. I held the door knob and twisted it open *CLICK* to see what room it was but unfortunately it was the bathroom. Well I needed to clean up anyway so getting the location noted now was a good thing 

I stretched the neck of my uniform out a little and confirmed how dirty it was. My hand which had been bandaged covering the cuts I got from destroying the elevator door controls came to view *SIGH*


"Looks like I really need that shower after all... Clothes and a towel, I need some fresh clothes and a dry towel" I closed the door and went to the next door which was to the right. I turned the knob but it didn't open, the door was locked.*JIGGLE* *JIGGLE*

I took a quick pause then raised my head a bit to see that there were some stickers of fuzzy animals and loligagle characters on the door. Loligagle was a popular kids TV show which ended one year ago this time period.

"This must be Amanda's room." I giggled 'I'm surprised she still likes this show which was for kids below the age of three' I thought to myself as I looked and ran my finger along the body of the stickers 


I kept jiggling the knob but no way it remained locked

"I don't remember seeing any keys in the backpack so where could she have dropped it... Should I just check again to confirm?" I took a step backwards to pull off my backpack

"Ohh!" After feeling something under my feet I stopped what I was about to do and took a look down and realised that I was standing on a welcome mat. 

It was a sleek mat that had the dept of a hard book cover but as for absorption and cleaning, there were no other mat company that could compete

I felt a little protrusion under the mat so I bent down and raised it up and to my luck the key to the door was there waiting to be picked. I grabbed it and opened the door.*CLICK*

"Huh! Finally" I sighed then walked in pulling the key out and taking it with me then inserting it at the other side of the door

The inside of the room was so girly and pick and fluffy. I looked around a little in wonder throwing the backpack on the bed then I went into the closet and grabbed a towel and the only PJs I could find

"Pink? So predictable" I rolled my eyes then threw the PJ on the bed as well right on the backpack

I went back outside then into the bathroom with only the towel around my neck where I brushed my teeth but on my way to undressing I realized something then stopped

I ran my hands around the neck of my uniform as I looked into the mirror "Hmm! Just washing my hands and face then feet should be enough. I don't want to get these bandages wet and uncomfortable" 

I washed my hands and face inside the sink trying to avoid wetting the bandage on the back of my hand then I dried myself off with the towel then walked out with the towel hung over my left shoulder.


Just as I placed my hand on Amanda's room door knob I got this weird and ominous feeling over my shoulder which most likely was from one of Amanda's untimely emotional outbursts.

I turned my head to the left looking over my shoulder and saw the last door. The door was a darker shade of brown which must have been from the work of dust. Every other part of the house looked like it had been recently painted except for that door which made it to stand out.

"Hmmm... I wonder what's behind there?" I felt drawn to the door so I made an attempt pulling myself to it but stopped halfway with my hand still held on to Amanda's room door knob and trembling. 

"You don't want me to go in there do you" I whispered to myself before I turned around and went back into Amanda's room and locked the door behind me then I changed into the PJ and out the uniform into the hamper.

I had nothing else to do except to think of a new plan then sleep till the next day but I wasn't getting any plan ideas and I also wasn't feeling sleepy yet so I just stood by the door while looking at the bed for some seconds wondering if I should force myself to sleep 

Instead of doing that I decided to walk to the cupboard desk which was under a huge heart shaped mirror. I slid the first drawer open and it was filled with underwear, singlets to be precise.

The arrangement wasn't balanced and looked like something was hidden underneath so I forced my hand under the clothes and felt something hard. I held on to it and pulled it out and it was a book, a diary

I turned the diary around, checking each area of it "hmm!... I know that I shouldn't but why not" I shrugged

I opened it from the middle which had nothing written so I scrolled back until I got to the last written page which wrote

"Dear diary... during recess Wendy and I went to our usual spot when Michael came over and asked me to follow him and..." 


I slammed the book shut

"Okay, I know where this story is going" I sighed then noticed that the book didn't close properly and after getting curious as to why I opened the front cover and saw many pages from the first to about sixty were torn out

"What happened here?" I ran my fingers along the torn remnants.

I looked at the waste basket by the side of the door thinking if the missing pages would be inside but after realizing how long it must have been since the pages were torn out I thought it ridiculous to even check.

Not going to find what happened to the missing pages I closed the diary gently this time and kept it back exactly where I found it and arranged the singlets over it.



The time now was 11:51pm and since there was nothing else left to do I switched off the light then climbed the bed and tried forcing myself to sleep and after an hour and a half of uncomfortable fussing on the bed, I couldn't get any sleep. 

My body was used to the memory the foam had given itself but my mind still wasn't yet accepting of things plus back in the corner of my mind was something that gnarled at me.

I got up from bed and out the door then I took couple steps to the right and finally I was at the subject of my obsession, the abandoned looking door. *STARE*

Just standing in front of it I could feel my heart beat increase in pace and as I looked at it from top to bottom I could feel many emotions filling my body and they definitely were from Amanda.

I reached out and grabbed the knob then twisted it but the door was locked shut.

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