"You want to prove difficult huh? I guess that you must not know who you're dealing with but I'll let you know anyway, I'm motherfucking Samuels" I said under a breath then smiled and took out one of the two hair pins I had in my hair. 

There were three originally but something must have happened to one from all the things that happened today.

I bent and arranged the pin in the right manner for the job then jammed it into the keyhole and started to jiggle in a particular pattern which was meant for lock-picking until I heard the *CLICK* 

A skill I learnt when I was a kid in the orphanage and used when we wanted to play with our presents the guardians hid from us until it was Christmas

The moment the door was unlocked I got another rush of mixed emotions from Amanda but that wasn't going  to stop me from my quest so I inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly to calm myself.

"You're not going to stop me from going through with it this time kid"

I pushed the door open slowly to avoid it making any noise but the CREAKING sound was still very irritating to my ears but fortunately for me it wasn't loud enough to leave the corridor 

With the door opened and me standing and looking in I saw that the entire room was in pitch black darkness and the dim light from the corridor didn't flow inside enough to change that. 


I entered the room moving slowly and with each step I took the stronger the emotions flooding me got and I could feel tears about to build up in my eyes but I fought it.

I ran my fingers by the door as I made it in then I went right beside the door frame and reached up for a light switch, patting my hand along the dusty wall as I went up

"Where is it? Where is it? There usually is one around this area and time zones doesn't change that" I spoke with a stressed voice as stretching for a light switch became a tiring process


I finally found it then flipped it on to see that the entire room was covered in dust and cobwebs


Some of the dust particles in the air entered my lungs as I inhaled but gradually I got used to the dustiness as I moved around a bit.

The room seemed very strange to me, for one thing there were a lot of plastic objects on the floor, mats and other shock absorbing and edge protection type looking materials just lying down.

At the extreme was something big and rectangular shaped covered in black plastic wrapping placed on a dusty blue foam mat and next to a dusty old looking cupboard. 

"What is that?" I casually approached the covered structure and pulled off the black plastic revealing what was underneath which was a baby cradle

"What the... What's this doing here?" I wondered as I circled round the cradle running my fingers on it as I moved along then getting back to my original spot I stretched my head in over the top frame and I had to stand on my toes before I could make it. 

The black plastic wrapping it was under had protected it from the dust invasion

"What's this?" The sight of an old newspaper resting perfectly in the middle of a blue baby sized mattress in the cradle piqued my interest and with no seconds hesitation I reached in and tried to pick it up but my hand wasn't long enough.

I changed tactics and stuck my hand through the spaces in the frame of the cradle then folded the newspaper enough for it to pass through the space as well

From the front of the newspaper I recognized the publication company and it was THE DAILY SUN newspaper and that particular one I had in hand dated back to two and a half years ago January 7th, 2033

"Why would an old newspaper article be in somewhere like this" I decided to check the contents.

The major headline talked about GHA business related issues, the next headline that followed was about conspiracy theories about the Dot Log Chips, conspiracies and gossip was what the BULL'S HORN segment of the paper was mostly about.

There was only the front and back page of the newspaper available so my scanning wasn't done for long but still I almost got bored and wanted to stop reading when I came across the BEHIND THE SCENES segment of the paper where they talk about more personal situations like the after effects left on families after a crisis.

The image in the middle of the segment caught my attention so I pulled the paper closer to my face "what the... is that Brian?" I squinted my eyes trying to get a good look at the image on the paper. 

Even though with no dust on it the paper was still a rather old one so some colours had faded and some texts were worn off.

According to what the headline hinted at the article written by Victoria Whyte focused on a failed kidnapping attempt in an area not so far from the major roads near Brian's house and it read

"... In a high class suburban area where you would expect nothing less than peaceful ambiance with welcoming neighbors and the only scuffle imagined to be had is one with a neighbors pet bulldog. 

This was true until the fateful day the writer and creator of the children's book THE LOLIGAGLES which has a TV show by the same name decided to do a meet and greet/book signing tour around town to celebrate the new years with his fans who are kids in the three months to three years age bracket.

On that day; the 4th of January, after coming back from the meet and greet Mrs Hope Nevel along with her two years old son Saint where highjacked from their car by the popular and also infamous faction of GHA anti-socialists who call themselves The Human Liberal Front.

During the struggle with the faction members and trying to protect her son Mrs Nevel was shot twice in the chest and left for dead while the culprits made away with the child. 

Fortunately, until the point of her death her Dot Log Chip had recorded and alerted the crisis to the Police who jumped into action pursuing the assaulters in their black van but things never truly ends well for any party in a murder for in an attempt to escape through a one way street the van came into collision with a cement truck and all passengers inside the van lost their lives and sadly even the child didn't make it.

The husband Mr Brian Nevel arrived at the scene an hour later to the sight of his wife being taken out in a..."

I stopped reading the article at this point as I couldn't maintain my bearings. I felt like the dam holding back Amanda's emotions had broken and the flood was setting in. I tried to fight it but I couldn't anymore and dropped to the floor in tears.

I too felt sad at what I read but Amanda made the impact on me to quadruple. I sat bent over on the floor with my head resting on my knees and my hands on my head touching the back of my neck for a couple of minutes crying and trying to regain myself.

With no hope of getting mellow quick enough I took in a deep breath pushing myself backwards and hitting my back on the cupboard behind me *DUD*


The cupboard was rather light so my weight on it pushed it back a little and as it staggered to go back to it's original position something inside made a banging noise.


I rubbed my nose dry

"What was that?" The sound was low but still I heard it. I turned around and slid open the first drawer.

From sitting on the floor I really wasn't able to see what was inside but still I stretched my left hand inside and felt something of two textures, one was smooth and leathery while the other was hard and cold.

I brought out the first one which was on top and it was a family picture with Brian, Amanda, a woman and a little baby boy

"So this is what they look like" I took and held the picture in my right hand and reached in again. This time the object was a lot heavier than the picture and the coldness against my skin was enough to run down my veins and made them tense up.

As I was taking out the object out of the cupboard I flipped the picture to the back and saw a writing on it which read "I'M SORRY, BUT I CANT ABANDON AMANDA"

I wandered what it meant by that until the idea became clear to me when I held what I took out from the drawer in front of me and it was a silver hand gun

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