I gritted my teeth and groaned

The bullet flew right through my hand leaving a clean hole as it's entry and exit points and me in a lot of pain

"F*CK!!" I shouted as I crunched over pressing my injured hand between my other hand and my abdomen bloodying my shirt then I took the towel and wrapped around my injured hand and wound firmly but in the process the pain was so unbearable that I almost dropped the gun and drop on my knees as well and all the while Brian was left speechless and in awe as he looked at me.

"W-What did you do?"


The house telephone behind Brian rang out filling the entire room but it couldn't do anything to change the intense atmosphere.


"D-Don't touch it... let it go to v-voicemail" I spoke out with a cracking voice after I successfully managed to stop the bleeding while constantly panting and trying to stay calm and focused.


The call went to voice mail

"Hello Mr Brian, It's Doctor Miracle. I was just about to end my shift when I said that I should call to inform you about this. If Amanda is there and you don't want her to hear this then you can pause this until she leaves..."

"That should be enough time so I'll carry on with the message, looking back to what I had told you about the second set brainwaves we found in Amanda's results, the one sending signals to underdeveloped sections of her brain, well after sending her tests and results to our neuro-mechnics specialist abroad his findings came back sooner than expected and let's just say there is good news and bad news.

Like customary I will start with the bad news first and the bad news is that brain damage is a certain if this persists and at the rate it's going if nothing happens then she only has some months before the signs start to show..."

"!!" Brian flinched at this news

"...Now as I said before there is good news, the good news is that the second brainwave as strange as it sounds is of a foreign origin which means that it's not a result of any abnormalities in Amanda's brain chemistry. The report went on further to say that the second wave is from an external source and Amanda's Dot Log Chip is acting as an antenna and receiving the signal which is what we saw in our MRI scans.

The specialist suggests that a temporary deactivation of her Log chip would allow it to reboot and that should cancel out the external signal... I just wanted to inform you on this so that you could have peace of mind and something to brighten your day plus since you work at the GHA headquarters deactivating it shouldn't be of any problem. Thanks for your time and get back to me when you receive this, goodbye" 


None of the two of us were expecting what we just heard to be the message and if I had known ahead of time I wouldn't have let the voicemail to play out. The atmosphere which was still intense took another form.

"I'm not Amanda, now I truly get what you meant by that statement. I pretty much know what there is to know about the Dot Log Chips because of the duty of my work and I don't think that my daughter's chip acting like an antenna and receiving your signal was a coincidence now was it?" Brian asked with a firmer tone of voice 

'Well, you were the one meant to receive the signal but I'm not going to tell you that' the only thought that ran through my head at that moment as I was flooded with pain

"You are not going to answer me? Alright, I'll ask you this...are you from the faction or something more international. Also, what do you want and why my daughter?" 

I could feel his rage and bloodlust towards me from all the way up here.

"S-Sounds like what the doctor said has made you to catch on, well it was worth getting shot at anyway... C-Check inside the backpack, you'll see a flashdrive in the last back pocket" I used the gun and pointed at the bag which was sitting on the couch beside Brian

He reached inside and felt different objects inside which I had used earlier "What are these doing here?"

"Hurry it up!"

He looked at me intensely then brought the flashdrive out slowly "this flash drive, isn't it—?"

"Yes that one"

"This is my office drive and the other things in the bag as well, just how long have you been the one in control you bastard?" He glared at me

"..." I flicked the gun at him

"Not going to say that too huh? It appears that I'm going off track so okay, I'll stop." he sighs "So what am I supposed to do with this?" 

"What I want you to do with that is to take it to work with you, go down to the blackroom then stick it into the Black box—" I wasn't able to finish before getting interrupted by an inquisitive Brian again

"The Black box with the Log codes? What does that have to do with you? Why do you want it?" Brian interrupted with a scowl

"I don't see how that's any of your business, just do what I tell you. Put the flashdrive into the box like a good boy and the flashdrive will take care of the rest, afterall it was programmed for such purpose"

"And if I refuse?"

"Hmmm?" I was expecting him to say something along this line but it still felt conflicting so while caught a little bit off guard I had to improvise the most radical way I could think of

"I don't think your daughter would be winning any favours from boys when a bullet gives her a unibrow" I spoke out the most menacing way I could and even with a little girl's voice it was still impactful

I was nervous at if he was going to believe that I would go ahead with my ridiculous comment or not and call it bluff but I hoped that my insane action in shooting my hand and him not knowing what I am capable of doing would deter his mind a little.

"Okay... can I take a shower first? We wouldn't want to raise any suspicious eyebrows if I went to work in my underwear" 

"Don't try any funny business!" I said in a little panic

It turns out that it was a rhetorical question as he didn't wait for me to give a reply before he exited the living room and went into his room, shutting the door behind 




The grandfather clock in the living room made its presence known when the time hit 8am and as if preprogrammed Brian walked out of his room at the exact moment dressed in his usual work attire which gave things a real dramatic feel.

"Lemme see the flashdrive" I prompted

He raised it up to show me then shoved it inside his trouser pocket

"Okay you can go now" I said as he turned around and started walking to the front door

"Just a heads up, if you try any funny business and deactivate Amanda's Log chip while you are at work just know that it takes over a second to completely turn off and a second is enough for my finger to trip up and cause an inccident so be careful, okay?"

He stopped moving for a second as I said what I did before continuing his walk to the door and opened it. It would seem that that was his plan all along

With one of his legs outside I made my last comment "Don't forget that you are against the clock... Remember those shots I fired? I'm pretty sure that we weren't the only ones who heared them and your happy ol' neighbours must have called the cops already..."

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