Whenever he was with Gabriel Valestein Jerry Stringer usually goes from the role and persona of a security official to a dignified Butler and even the way he speaks changes to fit the role. This showed how much respect and revere he had for Valestein

"Umm... sorry... it's nothing, I was just talking to this kid who said his stuff were seized..."

"...Where are my manners good morning Mr. Jerry" He continued to bow his head a bit and greet Jerry who was behind Valestein and he was also replied with a "Good morning Mr Nevel" and a small head bow as well

"Do not get all stuffy Jerry, Brian must be going through a lot so we can at least  things easier for him" Valestein smiled 

"If I am not mistaken I heard you say a property was seized? Why and by whom?" Valestein asked with a tone which you could tell that he was serious but it still came out playfully as he squated down to Brian's and Michael's level


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