Valestein went from looking at Brian and smiling to looking at the elevator lights and his smile lessened even more "Vision!" he uttered stretching the word

"What?" Brian asked 

"I understand what you said completely and in actuality you are right but VISION that is what the human limit is" he looked back at Brian

"..." Brian just stood in his spot blinking his eyes in confusion as he tried to wrap his head around what Valestein meant "how can vision—"

"A VISION tells you what is physically possible and what is physically not and how to make what seems impossible possible. It gives you the full scope laying out what leads to what and what might lead to what if you leave it be and make a slight change in specific areas based on the Information you get..."

The explanation made Brian even more perplexed "Excuse my obtuseness Sir but a vision can and can't and—what?" he was getting more and more co

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