When the first block of light had appeared Brian had inadvertently shut off his phone's back flash light and stuffed it back into his pocket as he thought he wouldn't need it

"This must be the end of the lights so what I need to do now is move to the left then slide my hand along the wall as I walk. hmmm!" Brian hadn't even walked in the hallway for up three minutes.

He continued dragging his palm along the wall as he went in further feeling the cold and smooth texture of the wall when he reached a point where the wall around his palm felt slightly different from the rest then it shone a blue colour and highlighted around his hand.

"What the..." Brian quickly pulled back his hand out of surprise and jolted sideways and after gaining his senses he stood upright then turned around to face the highlighted hand figure in front of him


The highlight slid to the left and vanished inside the wall and

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