Levy who was close by and saw when Akarli was taking aim jumped in front of Boyo, trying to shield him with her body while I was beside the both of them, noticing too late until the shot had been fired.

Jeremiah who the shot pulled back to his senses and he saw who she was firing at, the care he had for his best friend even though he didn't want to admit it made him lose it and reflexively he fired multiple shots at Akarli too, killing her on the spot next to Icon.

All of this would happen in an instant but for some reason, because I didn't want any of my friends to be shot so badly that I dont know what happened but just like when that strange phenomenon happened back at the court during our escape and I managed to find where Boyo was because of it, it happened all over again.

Suddenly everything began to slow down and the surrounding got pitch black with the only thing being as visible as day time were those in there with an angered Akarli holding on to the gu

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