"Please make it in time" 

"If I do this then maybe it'll make up for the fact that all of this happened because I jumped back"

"Please make it in time"

I was currently stuck in a hellish nightmare which was entirely guilt driven. Every action and consequences of said action replayed in my head, panicking, unable to find peace until I woke up with a *GASP*

After forcefully waking up, I reached for something with my hand only for that to be the ceiling of someplace I couldn't recognize or knew how I got there. I would pant, trying to catch my breath when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my chest.

My teeth gritted and eyes squinting in pain, I reached for the source of this excruciating pain which was when I noticed the medical equipments I was hooked to and that I was on a hospital bed.

"This is familiar" I said internally after thinking of how it reminded me of waking up in a hospital as my host, the last time I jumped into the pas

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