I took in a deep inhale of the air which felt way less heavy than how it was in my original time and held my two hands out, pushing them against the huge glass and metallic doors that were The Frenzy Prime Primary  School's famous entrance doors and the force of opposition they gave were just the right amount even for a ten year old.

Frenzy Prime Primary School, a well renowned academy which also has the form of a higher academy, for older kids, a secondary school which all became forensics hubs and medical studies institutes by the year 2047 and then by the year 2053 the formally known secondary school which also became a medical studies institute was shut down after there was the first ever reported Pyrex 9 outbreak in the District.

For quick response, the entire State had to be quarantined which was a bit excessive because shutting down only the District or City even would have been enough, well to me anyway, but with what the GHA had to deal with at the time with the outbreak of a never before heard of deadly virus, they as well as everyone else were all shook and the GHA took the best possible solution they could think of to contain it as there had not been a good enough measure in place before hand.


I pushed the doors forward as I made my entrance. The first greeting I got was the change in atmosphere as the inside was a lot more different from the other side of the glass and metallic doors and also different from what I had been used to with the air in my time feeling slightly heavy on the chest.


I took my first step inside before I noticed that the temperature also felt different which must have been a factor of all the blast ACs they had hanging over the sliver coloured lockers. About six could be sighted hanging in the long hallway. 

The colors of everything were also brighter and as I walked through the hall I could feel the essence of what it felt like being a child in this time period. It could have been the emotions from the body of my host, Amanda, coming through to me because the current me in this time always saw things as bleak even for a child but that was due to where and how I grew up and also the fact that I could really associate with the others in my class because of the age difference. I also always felt like I didn't fit in which could have been due to my massive intellect at that age but apart from all that, there was also something that felt off but I couldn't quiet put my mind on it.

Although not knowing where to go I made sure I didn't wonder round the hallway to show that and draw attention to myself and I also didn't know who to talk to so I tried as hard as possible to avoid any eye contact with the other kids and there were a lot of them, about forty loitering and standing in groups


"Hey, Amanda"

"What's up class Pres"

"How you doing Amanda?"

 I got multiple greetings from various students with either waves or head nods as acknowledgement as I walked the hall but I didn't know how to reply so I kept to myself with my head lowered

'This Amanda kid must be really popular in school, class president? Wow! At this age, I was the first in line for the number one loner position' I thought then I smiled saying "But I was a genius though and got to stare at older girls at that age" I chuckled as I kept walking.

"Hey Amanda, over here!" said one of the kids who was standing by the lockers.

Since this time the call wasn't up close like how the others did, my mind didn't really recognize that I was the one being called but when it did I ignored them.

"Amanda! Hey!" The calls went on and then started getting louder and unavoidable even for a hall already crowed and noisy by students around .


I smacked the roof my mouth with my tongue 'Persistent little... who is it anyway?' 


 I looked back at the direction which the voice was originating from to see a kid, a young girl with the same ponytail as me and even matching coloured ribon waving at my direction, most definitely at me.

'Who the hell is this supposed to be? A best friend? Guess there's only one way to find out and if she is I'll have to keep things normal so she doesn't get suspicious' I thought before preparing myself to get in character before...


I chuckled  

'Who cares if she gets suspicious anyway, she's just a kid, what's the worst that'll happen?' I grinned then I walked over and stood by the lockers with the mystery girl in front of me


I looked at the girl for some seconds not knowing what to say or how to break the silence.

"Where were you going to Mandi? Your locker is right next to mine" she said with a worried face directed at me.

The girls usage of a nickname made me to realise that she was closer to Amanda than the others who just used the plain name or referred to her with her title as class rep, either fully or abbreviated, but it still didn't disclose who she was and what level of relationship they had. 


I looked at the supposed "Amanda's" locker then I looked at the girl in front of me and finally I looked back at the locker once more in a rather fast but yet natural manner.

"Huh, ummm lez—Bri— Mar—" I had no idea what her name was but tried to guess the name that would best fit her face but it wouldn't take, she had one of those distinct faces which made the guess even harder although her body, if I was correct to make this assumption, reduced the option of names I had. 

I looked into her open locker and saw some notes with a name written in bold, WENDY, however I had to do some neck contortions first.

"Wendy! Wendy, I was umm going to get some, water to drink at the dispenser over there" I said and pointed behind me.


I was blocking her view of the dispenser due to our  difference in height so she had to lean to the side and look between my neck and shoulder to get a satisfying look at it, the water dispenser behind me which thank the Good One was there to take the perfect excuse for my strange behavior.

"Oh! okay, if you say so" said Wendy with a tone of disbelieve, a sceptic even at such a young age, then she continued "So how did it go, you didn't call to give me the full deats"

"Deat—ails? Detail of what exactly? What did i forget to tell you Wendy?" I drew my words and squinted while tilting my head to the left a bit.

"You know" she said looking enthusiastic then leaned in closer and whispered to me, blocking her mouth from outside view "Your first kiss with Michael"

"What?" I was take aback so I exclaimed in response 'I can't believe what the fuck I'm hearing right now, wow, kids'


"Speak of the devil, there he is right now" Wendy said with a cheeky smile.

"Who? Where?" I asked indifferently before thinking 'Soeak of the devil? Just who or what does this kid listen to that she speaks and acts this way, like an adult at her age... Wow'

"Common Mandi, over there!" Wendy came in closer and placed her right arm over my shoulders, across my neck and using her left hand she pointed at someone witheen a group of boys. 'You see him now, right?"

"Yah, i guess" I still didn't know who the hell she was talking about or cared but like if things weren't bad enough, a kid from the group took notice of us,well Wendi, pointing at him so he separated from the rest then he started to walk towards us. "Michael?" I questioned myself.

The boy approached us and with his left hand stuffed inside his purple hoody pocket and the hooded part of it resting halfway over his head and behind his ear 


He spoke "Hey Wendy, how's it going?" while gesturing a greeting with his right hand.

"Hey Michael" replied Wendy with an innocent smile on her face. 

Michael took his gaze to me "Hey Amanda" he said then he grabbed my right hand with his left and started pulling it closer to his side. It felt like things started moving in slow motion as i looked at our connected hands moving, at him then back at my hand again.


Without a seconds hesitation, I pulled back my hand free from his and erupted, forgetting all censorship "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT DUDE!?"

It was at that moment I knew I had royally messed up as everyone in the hallway took a pause from their current activity and looked at us. I was so loud that it was the expected and warranted response but unluckily for me, a teacher was also present. Why they were there with a bunch of kids though was a big question

Miss Mildred Stacy who was surprised by the sudden outburst at first but after she got over her shock she walked over and approached me.

"Miss Amanda, what's the meaning of this? you know fully well that the usage of vulgar and distasteful words is strictly frowned upon in this very academy let alone using such words on a fellow student..." she took a pause and looked at Michael and Wendy then she came back to me.

"As class president I had expected much better from you, I am so disappointed" she said

"Disappointed? Expected more? That's a lot of burden a ten year old kid should have to bear thoug—" I mumbled to myself.


Mildred leaned in and held my hand.

"Okay, now to the principal's office with you" she said then immediately she turned around and faced everyone in the hallway and the small movement her body made while doing that pulled me a bit.

"Every single one of you stop whatever you're doing right now and go to your various classes, now! And no running!" The veins on her neck bulged as she spoke.


Like soldiers to a command the other kids, including Wendy quickly closed their lockers and headed to their classes and as Wendy got behind Mildred she whispered "Sorry Mandi" before mixing in with the group.

Mildred headed for the Principal's office with me being forced along.

'What's up with the people in this school and grabbing my hand anyways, damn, like things weren't hard already'

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