"Are you sure about that mister?" Michael's gaze picked up some intensity but Brian on the other hand was not going to have any of that from him.


"Hey, look kid. It was funny enough when you started doing your little rap thing here but after a while it got pretty old and annoying. This is private property and you are starting to become a pain on everyone's—" Brian said then ended his sentence with a mumble as he took a slight glance at me in an attempt to sensor his words but I on the other hand pretty much knew what he was going to say at the end. Something starting with an "A" and ending with two snakes.

"Okay, alright, but look mister, there's something seriously up about this little girl with you... Ummm, I mean your daughter, if I can even call her that" Michael set his sight to me again but with disdain behind his eyes.

 "!!" Brian left Michael without a reply and just stared at him, speechless about the boys grit and confidence for someone his age.

"Common, Amanda lets go. That's enough talking with your new friend for today" Brian took the hotdogs and held them with his left hand which also held his  briefcase by the handle then he extended his right hand to me.

"O—Okay" I replied then looked at Brian's extended hand for a second hesitating to do what I know he wanted me to do.

'Damn, this so embarrassing and I hate having my hand held but...' I thought then sighed before slowly I raised my hand and Brian held on to me, pulling me along as we left Michael behind, heading for the entrance and whilst leaving I turned back and looked at Michael with concern in my eyes then I whispered to myself "The fuck?" before turning back around.



The entrance of the GHA headquarters had a security check point stationed at the top of a couple steps with two security officers already inside the booth. A few meters beyond that was a revolving glass door but it wasn't a regular revolving door as this one needed identification before allowing passage through so even if the security happen to both not be in station, unauthorized individuals wouldn't be able to make their way in.


We walked past the booth and one of the officers inside called out to Brian and the man also went as far as waving his hand at him and sticking his head out from the front opening in the booth

"Where did you rush off to Mr Nevel? You didn't even hear me call out to you just as you were rushing to your car. It's a good thing that you didn't trip down the steps or we would have been needing to call the ambulance for you" he smiled


Brian and I took a pause after the security officer spoke to us then he let go of my hand.

"Go stand by the door Amanda and I'll just be a minute, I need to clear up with these guys first"

"Oh no, you don't have to clear with us Mr Nevel, we already know who you are and all this is just a formality anyway when it comes to workers of your caliber" Melvin the security officers said with a smile.

"Good day Mr Nevel!" Greeted Boris, the other security officer, who was preoccupied with playing a video game on his mobile phone, Messenger Of The High Realm: Apocalypse or MOTHRA for short. A very popular game and even while I was in Frenzy Prime Primary school I saw so many of the kids in the hall with me at the time playing the exact same mobile video game.

"Good morning Boris, still addicted to video games I see" Brian said then turned back to Melvin. "Don't worry about it Melvin, it's no trouble at all plus I need to show my little one that you should always do what's right" He said as he dropped his briefcase beside his feet and the boxes of hotdogs on the check point counter when he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a pen.

"Looks like I also have to sign out for when I ran off before signing in ones more" He smiled


"Aren't you going to cover your boxes of hotdogs Mr Nevel?" Melvin inquired as the hotdogs were just sticking out in public display.

"What'd you mean?" Brian asked as he pulled the paper records to sign his name then went on to stick his prints on the digital notebook which automatically fills out everything once the fingerprint has been recognized. I watched closely while he was thumbprinting while I walked away.

"By the side of the box there's a slit, if you reach under the box you can pull out a lid for the box from that slit" Melvin said while picking up the records and keeping them back to their original spot.

By this time I had already began to walk to the glass revolving door while Brian did what Melvin said then when I got there I waited turning around to see Brian and Melvin discussing about something else. The distance was close but still far enough for their conversation to remain inaudible to me.

"What are they talking about? Talk about waste of time" I crossed my arms *TSK*

They spoke for not more than a minute before they finally shook hands and afterwards Brian bent down to pick up his briefcase then the boxes from the counter next and then he walked over to me. 

Soon after that he brought out his ID card and swiped it across the card scanner unlocking the doors. *CLICK*

I was the first to pass through the revolving doors with Brian following right behind and after he entered I could hear the doors auto-lock behind us and making thesame sound as when it was first unlocked by Brian *CLICK*



The Interior of the GHA Headquarters was an astonishing sight and the ambiance was embracing, Amanda's overwhelmed emotions couldn't help but flood through to me again.

Sparkling white tiles covered the floor also matching the colour of the walls. Security officers positioned at every corner all dressed in white as well with their black batons strapped to their belts and right in the middle of the room was a machine with luminescent screens atop displaying interchanging colors at five every seconds interval embedded with super sophisticated central processing UI. 

"Lemme show you something cool Amanda" Brian said as he walked passed me and walked over to the UI in the middle of the room and I followed behind.

{Welcome back Brian and who is this you have standing next to you?} The UI spoke in a calm feminine voice.

"Thank you Divia, this is my daughter Amanda. I went to pick her up from school for the Bring your daughter to work day thing today" Brian replied.

There were no visible camera eyes present on Divia but you could still feel her looking at you.

{Nice to meet you Amanda and I hope you enjoy your day here with Brian}

"Sure, thanks" I replied and looked over my shoulder and to the right was an elevator. 

"Later Divia" said Brian as he gently slid his hand on my shoulder to get my attention and pointed to the elevator with a head nod which was the next stop we made after Divia but this elevator also needed identification to work as well and Brian with his ID card still in hand placed the card on the door and the elevator opened. 

"Are those crystals?" I whispered to myself after watching the door closely.

The GHA employed a system where a layer over their elevators had scanning technology on it and it was a liquid like crystal substance that made up the layer

"Isn't that?" I leaned in to get a closer look of the crystals just to be sure.


I chuckled with pride while I had my eyes closed momentarily.

"The beauty of The Typograph Layer Moduling Crystals. I always wondered but I guess this is what they did with it" I whispered to myself, taking in as much information about the place as I possibly could.



I had created the Typograph Layer moduling Crystals in the orphanage as a kid just messing around and having fun but once the big men got wind of it they instantly tried to buy it and then me in the process for more creations but because I would have to leave the orphanage and my friends there with nothing in return I decided to disagree until they came to a compromise.

They would pay for my education in the best school in the territory and get the crystals for free as long as I stayed the orphanage until I was thirteen and they would also fund the Samuels orphanage from that point on till the end of time.

What made the Typograph crystals so unique that the GHA amongst other companies needed to have it was that it was a multi versatile piece tech that required only a little space and it's own power source and program could do different things. If supplied it's own power source and a slight change in the program command the crystal can act as a scanning layer like it is now on the elevator, a display screen like that of a TV or monitor even if only applied on a sheet of paper, also function as a touch keypad etc



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