The Broken Melody
The Broken Melody
Author: Varsha Chindam


"Come on guys! hurry up! we are going to miss the fireworks!"

"Mel! Mel! slow down. I can't run any more." I laughed turning around to see my sister Jennifer Jenny for short whiff out as I made her run with me along with my other two friends Mavies and Lucy.

"Jenny, we already know that she won't be listening to us until unless we reach the grounds." Lucy said stopping to catch her breath.

"Why didn't we take our cars?" Mavies frowned.

"Running and walking is good for our health." I yelled out as my hair flew in different directions. I love the nightlife and we are having a lantern festival in our community. But sadly I had my classes till evening so I missed the morning events.

"Wow!" My eyes went wide as I looked at the arrangements, this year they did an amazing job, I grinned when I saw my dad and mum standing along with my uncles and aunts. Dad is a surgeon and mum is a housewife because of her poor health.

"Hey, guys!" I hugged my dad grinning at him. He was busy, we hardly had time to talk.

"Hey darling, where is Jenny and others?" dad asked.

"They are buying water I guess."

"Here take your lantern." Mum handed me my lantern as I smiled thinking about Seb. I called him and he said he will be here soon.

"Seb will be joining?" Mum asked as she looked at my dad. My dad for some reason doesn't like Seb. Dad snorted beside me while I nodded my head. My phone started ringing, I pulled out my flip Nokia phone to see Seb's name.

"Hey." I answered excitedly.

"Hello, where are you? I'm near the games stalls."

"Okay, I will there in two minutes." I ended the call and looked at both my parents who no doubt listened to my conversation.

"I will be going, will message you. Bye guys." I kissed my mum's cheek and dad's even though he scowled. I met Seb in a youth empowerment program event, it was mandatory for first-year students to attend and I met this handsome guy on stage who was giving a speech to us.

He wasn't a student like us, he is a graduate and took over his father's company. I was instantly attracted to his speech and decided to try my luck as we had an interaction session after the speech. I was more than happy when I had a chance to talk with him, he was a mystery and still is.

I don't know much about him even if I want to know, Seb is a closed box and I don't have the key. We met a few times before we officially started dating away from the limelight. I found him standing near the pole in his office suit. He is a workaholic and I like to enjoy every day of my life by going out and meeting new people.

We are complete opposites, he doesn't like to spend his time going out while I find a way out to go. He won't speak until unless it's needed. And mainly he doesn't want the media or world to know about our relation. I felt insecure but he told me that if they know about me they will be everywhere I go and I can't live a normal life.

"Hi." I hugged him tight while he kissed my lips.

"You smell good baby." I chuckled kissing him again as he took a sniff of my perfume.

"You changed your fragrance again." He gave me a smile as we stood away from the crowd.

"Why don't we go there, I want to send my lantern." I showed my lantern to him in excitement. He gave me a sorry look and immediately my excitement vanished.

"Baby, there are so many people and I don't think I have time to wait for the event to start. I have a family dinner to attend." My shoulders slumped down.

"Hey... I'm really sorry but I will pick you up at elven okay? I want to spend my night with you." I sadly hugged him once as he kissed me before walking away towards where his driver is waiting.

I walked back to where Jenny stood with her boyfriend Rosell and Mavies is taking pictures.

"Loverboy left again?" Lucy questioned as she saw me.

"Yeah, he have to attend a family dinner." I took the coco-cola from Mavies hands which is mixed with alcohol for sure. My parents don't allow me to drink as I'm underage. So I mix vodka in cool drinks and I enjoy doing that.

"You both are dating from months now. I wonder why you didn't meet any of his friends or family." Jenny glared at Mavies for saying that because they know I get touchy when it comes to Seb.

"It's because Mel is young and Seb is quite older than Mel." Rosell said. I smiled his way taking a gulp of the alcohol.

I adore my sister and Rosell so much. They both are childhood sweethearts and I know they are going to marry one day but not right now.

They need to settle down before they tie the knot. Rosell is like an elder brother I never had, he is the one who always takes my side when Jenny doesn't agree to me.

I graduated along with those two and people always get confused as to why I'm in college along with my sister Jenny. Jenny is twenty-one while I'm nineteen. The thing is I'm one of those rare people who have been identified as having hyperthymesia.

It is a condition in which an individual possesses a superior autobiographical memory. I graduated high school when I was only 14.

Right now I'm done with my bachelor's degree in biology, organic chemistry and statistics. I'm in medical school and I'm happy with my course. Jenny wants to be a fashion designer and my parents are very supportive when it comes to us so they don't have a problem with her choice of career.

Jenny and I aren't in the same uni. I got into Harvard because of my high GPA while Jenny and Rosell go to New York Fashion institution far away from home. Rosell is in the same field as Jenny and they are always together.

"Let's go and dance, we know about Seb so I don't wanna feel bad." I wandered towards where a boy band is playing. I started bobbing my head as I enjoyed the music, I like music and dance so much.

If I didn't have autobiographical memory I would've gone for singing. People say I have a good voice and Seb likes to hear me singing.

I danced along with Mavies and Lucy. I laughed out loud when Lucy bumped into an old man who scoffed when he saw a drunken Lucy.

After some time I lit my lantern and watched it flying in the sky, going far away along with hundreds of lanterns. I took dad's camera to click the pictures and Jenny clicked pictures of me lanterns in the background.

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