Choosing paths
Choosing paths
Author: Okaah lerato



Hi there, well uhhh this is kinda like my first real story

It's a real life reference and the journey might be a little rough, bear with me.

I will update the story every two days depends on your zones but I'll keep the story updated and your comments will help me in checking or noticing the little things.

There will be mature scenes so if you aren't comfortable with it then I'd advice you to skip them when you get to them. I will make sure to notify you of every scene so you know when to skip.

There will some same sex scenes but mostly girls, if you aren't comfortable as well, I'd advise you to skip those too, I'll put double notifications so you know.

I can add some music if you like

I love Khalid so just download all his songs and read this book.

I can't promise miracles but well, I hope this story might clear some doubts of yours.

Whatever you do, wherever you may be and whomever you may love, I hope you feel peace and I hope you know love.


Drum roll please

Let's begin.

Comments (4)
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Amana-Deena or Madinah_Writes
Sounds like a fan fiction novel tho
goodnovel comment avatar
Amana-Deena or Madinah_Writes
There's no punctuation in the introductory part. Why?
goodnovel comment avatar
Amana-Deena or Madinah_Writes
Please, are you a guy??

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