GoodNovel Author's Guidebook
GoodNovel Author's Guidebook
Author: GoodNovel Academy
Prologue: What's it for?

This guidebook is aiming to solve all your problems about being a SIGNED author on GoodNovel, like what benefits you can get as a signed author, what different contract types GoodNovel can offer and how the payment is made… So, don't forget to add it to your library.

1. Please do not ask questions in the comment of this book. If you didn’t find the answer to your question here, contact your editor who sent you the contract offer and tell him/her to improve this guidebook.

2. Before you proceed into uploading the book or applying for contract, please make sure that your book is an ORIGINAL work of yours. Plagiarism is crime!!

If we find out that you copied other authors' work, you'll be legally responsible and forever on our black list.

3. If your editor doesn't reply to your email in time, please send him/her an email reminder again ;)

#Is GoodNovel a legit platform?

Of course yes! Check out our website ( or d******d our app in G****e Play or App Store, you’ll find that GN is a growing and prospering platform!

We’re a Singapore company and we value legitimacy, because we consider legitimacy the foundation of gaining trust and building a healthy relationship with our authors.  As a new platform, we have gained many loyal readers and authors who place their trust in us. Currently, we have thousands of authors and the number is still growing fast. 

We know that there are more and more writing platforms out there, and the competition is harsh. There are even some platforms that attack us and badmouth us. Rumors on Internet are always easy to spread but hard to stop, and many will be misguided if they don't know much about us beforehand.

We know we are not perfect. But we also know that it's such a horrible thing to badmouthing competitors just to get ahead of the game, it's the kind of movement that we'll NEVER adopt! Goodnovel aims only to provide the best stage for the great authors we have to shine in their talent, and we believe that the best platform will finally win the best writers. If you ever find out us doing similar things, please scold us hard!

Taking in more authors is, of course, important for a platform. But what's more important is to be a truthful and sincere team, so that we can proudly say out loud "I'm a Goodnovelist!"

All in all, thank you very much for your trust and support. GoodNovel loves you!

We know that it’s hard to trust someone and some company over the Internet, so our every contract is signed in a very formal way. We send and sign our contracts through HelloSign system, a commonly used e-signature system. All contracts will be reviewed by our lawyer, making sure they are legal and appropriate. This is to make sure that all contracts have legal effect so that both our rights and authors’ rights will be protected.

If you have concerns about the terms and conditions in our contracts, you can directly contact one of our editors and he/she will be happy to answer your questions. If you don’t know any GoodNovel editor yet, you can also send an email to for more information.

You’re also welcome to join our online community where there are our editors and many GN contracted authors, you can find more info about us and our authors there. Join us and let us provide you with more support for your writing career!

You can find and get in touch with us here:


F* group:Writing Good Novels https://www.f******

I*******m: @goodnovelist


Discord server:

Terms of use:

contact info: (for customer service)/ (for contract problems)

P.S. Come and Join GoodNovel Academy!

We have now established GoodNovel Academy where you can find diversified content like Video, Podcast to help you sharpen your writing skills! 

Search “Writing Good Novels” on F******k to join our group and chat with other passionate authors, or search GoodNovel Academy on YouTube to get the training video and podcast immediately.



GoodNovel Academy

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please can you tell how can I contact with Editor s?

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