XII: Breakfast & Barks

"WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKEUPWAKEUPWAKEUUUUPPP!" a rude, tiny voice shouted and shook me in my bed. I, in turn, whinced and groaned loudly, begrudingly opening my eyes and seeing my sister and brother sprawled on me bed with annoyingly large smiles on their faces.

"TULILA YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR STINKY BUTT OFF YOUR BED, IT'S LATE!" my sister called, bouncing on the mattress, making me roll over to see what time it was.


"Yeah, but you have to get reaaaadddy!" Periwinkle dragged out, resting her head on my stomach, making me sigh at her cuteness, "Periwinkle, it's a Saturday!"

"But," another voice spoke, "remember how we promised we'd take her jogging with us after we moved and got all sorted out?" Roux stated with a smirk that meant, 'if I don't sleep, neither do you.'

I groaned in remembrance and pushing my sister softly away, rolling the other side, "Five more minutes."

"Nope. We gunna go NOOOW!" Periwinkle growled in all her cuteness. She
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