XL: Thank You?

"Hey..." I say as I knock on my brother's door. Roux is busy on the phone, shuffling through papers. I knit my brows and wait to see if he'll notice me.

When he does he waves me off and moves to close the door.

I huff.

Well so much for that.

Now who am I going to ask about this?

I go back to my room feeling slightly defeated. I frown as I think again about what happened yesterday. The kings stood up for me. All of them along with the twins and Kai.

I huffed and jumped on my bed, belly down. I wiped my face and sighed. Boy was I glad today was a weekday. I barely got any sleep because of this heavy train of thoughts I had.

I move to grab my phone propped on the bedside table and see a bunch of notifications on twitter and f******k. I turn off the wi-fi upon seeing they're mostly related to Stellan, my friends in New York were power-sharing the video Marcus posted.

Who could I talk to about this big questio

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