XLI: Unexpected

Remember that party Javier invited me to?

Well, guess where I am right now...

Javier's party.


I still didn't want to go, even when Gail and Cece tried to tell me Javier was changed for inviting us. I wasn't about to walk into the jaws of death. But it just so happened...

... my family needs to attend this party for connections.

And so that's why I'm hiding in the corner of the room where my brother was being chatted up by all these pretty girls in tight dresses and high heels. Roux never minded or never paid anyone mind so I wasn't really cramping up his style or anything. I was maybe cramping up these ladies style, I don't care though

I had my cheek rested against the back of his shoulder and I was sipping on some cold water.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not necessarily scared of seeing Javier. I doubt he could do anything while my entire family is present, but I dread seeing him because I still haven

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