XLVI: Round 2

I nearly fell asleep at history class. The only reason I stayed awake was because Mr. Pozwich was infamously annoyed by students who fall asleep in his class and call on them the moment they begin to doze off. I literally jolt awake when he raises his voice as he says, "as you can see, the Russians do not take defeat well," he then turns to the next slide, "which is why--"

With my head in my hands, I blinked slowly at our teacher. The entire class had been passive and quiet after a few moments, as per usual.

My seatmate Andy sighed next to me.

Suddenly, he taps my table. I turn to him. He whispers under his breath without making eye contact, "Did you ever get called back?"

I knit my brows, and turn back to the board, "What? Where?"

Andy's brow quirks up, "By the principal."

For a moment, I just look at him. Once I turn away, I realize what he meant. But before I could reply, he continues, "Judging by the freedom of the kings, I think she didn't."

I hum and turn to my table, "You
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