XV: Try Outs

"Tommy!" Kai called out, waving at the guy with a busted lip and a grazed cheek, beckoning him to come over and sit with us at our lunch table. It had been only yesterday that Dae-Hyun tackled him like a damn rugby player and yet Tommy had a cheery look upon his face.

"Oh my gosh, Tommy, are you okay?" Gail asked with a worried look, "We heard the Dae-Hyun  almost broke your nose."

"Yeah and we saw the video the devil in Prada posted." Nina spoke with a disgusted look upon her face as she held her phone which was playing the video itself. Tommy knit his brows and smiled as he watched the unfolding of events.

"Ooooh, that's gotta hurt," he joked with a soft chuckle.

"Thomas," Cece called with a pout, "How are you feeling?"

The guy with dark hair pushed his head back in a fit of chuckles and sat down on our table, "Honestly, all the attention I'm getting over this video makes me feel special." Kai, who was next to him, nudged his s

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