XVII: Go Away

I got out of the car just as my brother called out for me, "Hey. Remember, we can't be late okay. The moment the bell rings you run out here so we can get out of here."

"You said that ten times now."

Roux shrugged, "My sister's a kid who can't remember squat."

I raised my upper lip then stuck my tongue out, earning a chuckle from my older brother. "Be safe, Tulila."

As I walked into school, passing through the gates guarded by a man who I've known to call Yoyo-Kyle, (he plays with yoyos, deal with it) I headed to my locker and pulled out and put in some of my things.

"I don't understand why you even use lockers," someone spoke, just as I closed the locker door and saw the smug face of Marcus. "It's really just inconvenient to store something up where you have to walk over to. Just have someone else to carry it."

My brows quirked up as I fixed my backpack on my shoulders. I looked at him then walked past him,

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