XVIII: Familial Errs

I was whisked away to my locker where Marcus then looked at me expectantly. "Well, chop chop, we have to Science class to get to."

I narrowed my eyes at him and groaned. Nonetheless, I switched out what was inside my bag and placed it with all that I needed. Apparently that was enough for Marcus to have a smug looking face. 

Just as I zipped my backpack up, I was quickly dragged off somewhere else. I whined and tried to fight back, but he had a good grip and I just couldn't break free.

Once he was satisfied with our location, which happened to be the hallway where I first encountered this particular king, he looked at me and crossed his arms. "Since I'm going to be your partner in science, you should know we have a project coming up and I think we should do it at my place."


"Don't be intimidated, I'm a Frenchman; etiquette was invented in my country."

I knit my brows at that. "Mar

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