III: Hallways Are Interesting

It was the second day of school, and to say I expected much was an understatement. Yesterday ended fine. I decided not to tell my grandmother, nor anyone in my family anything I learned at school, mostly because my parents weren't home, and my grandmother seemed so expectant that my first day would go well.

To be fair, he most eventful happening was the storytelling during lunch, and aside from a rude remark from human trash can-Javier, it was fine. So I decided to stay quiet, just until I witness something first hand.

Gail truly did not leave my side, neither did Cece, Nina, and Kai, so long as we shared a class.

I eventually understood why they hated one mister Pozwich, having both heard the story of him and his temper, and experiencing it fist hand. His wrath was not directed to me, still, his temper and snarky remarks were terrifying.

It makes you wonder how he could afford to do that when everyone in the class could literally afford to oust him.

Roux walked me to school again. Hopefully next week, he can get his car.

Currently, I was at my locker. I had changed its combination yesterday. 

I stuck my schedule and my house's landline and address on in a tiny piece of paper on the inside of the locker, just because I had yet to memorize it. I arranged some books I received yesterday into my bag, some into my locker.

"It seems you're a sentimental girl."

I to the speaker and saw it was a tall and pale boy, pointing to the family photo on the door of my locker. "Isn't that man a convicted criminal now?"

I slam my locker door close. He didn't flinch, and in fact, walked closer. He was so close, my nose was overpowered by his cologne. He must be the other king based on his over-confidence. 

This could go two ways now. I take a breath and suddenly remember my promise to my brother - not to pull a Wilson.

Ah, Wilson Stevens. I remember I was in grade 2 when he picked on me and I broke his accidentally broke his teeth when I pushed him. It was then my brother vowed to do all the dirty work for me. True enough, whenever I had a problem, my brother would just intimidate the fellow and I'd have some peace.

I decide to smile at him politely, "Good morning."

He chuckled and bowed his head in a respectful manner, "Good morning, Dahlberg. My name is Lee Daehyun."

Mock politeness, much?

Dae-Hyun raises a finger, "Lilac, wasn't it?"

I nodded simply.

He chuckled once more, "Come on, your talkative little Cece hasn't told you about me?"

I turned to him, put on my backpack, and straightened my posture. "She has."

He chuckled for the third time. 

"Good then. It's fun to know the story about me scared you enough not to note the fact I just called your dad a criminal."

With that, I tightened my jaw, "Well, since you came all this way to speculate, let me tell you a fact: your father is not the owner of this school, my grandmother is. So don't act all high and mighty around me, because I do not scare easily." 

He makes a mocking sound, "oooooh, you're going to bend the laws like your dad too?" 

"My dad was framed," I growl.

He smirks, pleased to finally get a reaction out of me. "You seem smart, Lilac," he spoke my name carefully, like it was a threat. "I was just going to introduce myself, but now I feel obligated to say you should watch yourself if you want to survive; I give and take no exceptions." 

I smiled, "Noted." I brush past him without another word.

As I walked away, I just knew he raised his brows at me.

Once I got to 'hallway prime', I felt a sort of relief when I found room 105.

As I reached out for the door handle, an arm blocked my way. "It's you again." an accented voice spoke. I knit my brows, It was then I realized just realized Dae-Hyun spoke flawless English. "Lilac Dahlberg. I didn't get to ask yesterday how much money your dad embezzle from his company. Is that why you moved suddenly? I bet your house is a  lot bigger now." 

I turned to the taller boy and spoke his name flatly, "Javier."

He chuckled, "Ah, Americans and their pronunciation. Your 'r' should have more of a roll on the tongue; listen rrrrrrrrr."

I hold myself back, "Can you remove your arm, please?"

"Why, bonita? Am I blocking your way?"

I hum, "I see you have some sort of depth perseption difficulty." 

Javier chuckles, but does not reply to this, "I like your boots. My favorite color is red too."

I rolled my eyes at this, but he was too transfixed on my said red shoes to notice. When he looks back to me, he speaks,  "Don't worry, we share homeroom, you--- where are you going?"

"I promised my brother I wouldn't pull a Wilson, that's why I'm walking the other way." 

Javier licks his teeth in annoyance, "You're going to get late."

"I'm new here; I can use that excuse for now." I replied, not turning back at him.

He scoffed, "I'll make sure you can't use that excuse."

"Sure, do that and guard the door. You have a bright future ahead of you."

"Did you just mock me? Hey! AY! COME BACK 'ERE!"

I paid no attention and took a left turn. When I did so, Dae-Hyun and I saw each other again.

He looked like he had something to say, but I didn't give him a chance. I sped past him, and since he tried to block my passage, our shoulders collided.

He scoffs audibly and mumbles loud enough for me to hear, "The nerve of this girl." 

Apparently, that's all it took to set a guy like him offf.


Right. Ignore you it is then.

Dae-Hyun begins to mutter in Korean under his breath. Quickly errupted Javier, by the time I reached the end of the hall and took a right.

"Where did the yellow haired girl with red boots go?"

The Korean smirked, "Did she cause you trouble too?"

The Brazilian's eyebrows quirked up. Dae-Hyun pointed, "Lilac Dahlberg went this way."

Javier glared at him, "Are you honestly saying her name like that because you think I don't know her?"

"Isn't that the point, though?" the other countered, "She just got here and yet we know her name?

I took another turn and huffed in content, since there was no one in sight. I stayed put for a moment and caught my breath. Speed walking in heeled boots is not an easy task.

"Shouldn't you be in homeroom, newbie?" a voice called from my right.

Oh, what now?

I to whomever spoke and found it was the other king, Marcus. He seemed uninterested in me from where he sat on the wide window sill. He had headphones and a poker face on. 

I straightened myself out. "I should, but I'm not."

There was an infinitesimal twitch on the corner of his lips. If you weren't as keen as I was, you probably wouldn't have noticed. He stands up from where he sat and jumps down, walking over to me.

It seems all the kings were as tall as the other. No matter, my brother was most defintely taller than them, and yet I could tackle him to the ground.

"So, is Lilac Dahlberg a trouble maker. Is this something you got from your papa?" he says plainly, yet it makes my blood boil even more now since I've heard my father get mention today thrice. Marcus continues, "I bet the Dahlberg-Silvy scandal is far more messier up close."


That's it.

I place my hands on my hips, "Honestly, I didn't think it would take just one day after I heard of you for you morons to show how spineless you are."

Just then, Javier and Dae-Hyun arrives and heads towards us.

I continue nonetheless. "You truly live up to your pathetic reputations," I add just as everyone was ear-shot.

Marcus raises a brow at his and can't help but chuckle. 

"Mmm, she just likes getting on people's nerves, it seems," Dae-Hyun says. 

"And she does all this, just on her second day," adds Javier, crossing his arms.

Okay. Reality check. If they all decided to gang up on me, be it verbally, or, let it not be, physically, I would not stand a chance at all. But I can't show fear. My fear is what will make them decide if I'm someone they can play around with.

I'm so done fearing egotistical, hormonal boys.

I grip my hands, "I was honestly hopeing 'the tale of the kings of Langley Academy' was severely inflated. But from blocking doors, blatant threatening, and shameless hounding, I can clearly see the big crowns on your even bigger heads. 

"So go ahead. Do what you three always do,but don't think for a second I'll stay idle and let myself be a victim."

With that I walked away from them, feeling my back get burned from their hot looks.

The three had looked upon each other, looks of shock and disbelief were between them. Then all at once, they called out, "DIBS!"

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