IV: A Deal Amongst Kings

Ah, how long has it been?

How long has it been since all three kings were interested? How long has it been since the kings were interested in a girl - the same girl? Since Jenny?

Well, it doesn't really matter, cause none of them really remember.

"I said it first." Dae-Hyun argued.

"Well I saw her first." Javier growled.

"Boys. Let's not kid ourselves." Marcus spoke making the two turn to him and scoff. 

The lightest skinned amongst them scoffed, "Just kid yourself then, you're second to both of us." 

The darkest skinned amongst them laughed, "What? Isn't it just better if we make a deal instead of fighting over her?"

The sun kissed man crossed his arms, "What kind of deal?"

"The only deal us kings can make, the best kind," Marcus smirked. "We should welcome her to our kingdom, then we should break her in."

"Are you suggesting we beat up a Dahlberg girl?" Dae-Hyun raised his brows, stressing out his last words, as they were the most important after all.

Marcus sighed and nodded his head in disapproval. "Why would I let you touch her when I want her to keep her for myself in the end?"

Dae-Hyun glared at him and stepped closer, "I called dibs first."

Javier scoffed a dry chuckle, "But I saw her first!"

"Boys," Marcus scolded, raising the tension between them all up a scale.

This was no foreign sight. It wasn't a surprise the kings were fighting each other, knives at each other's throats. 

Fact was it was a lot more surprising that they hadn't been an incident for an entire two months with them. It was quite boring for those gossipers who had resorted to back-stabbing each other to entertain themselves. This peace would've lasted for a month longer, but it seems that that is all changed.

"Call me boy again, I dare you." Dae-Hyun spat.

Marcus pulled back a bit but only to laugh, "Isn't she something; it's her second day, and yet, look at the damage she's already done." He looked among his fellow kings, "That's why we should make her pay."

Javier chuckled dryly, tightening his crossed arms, "You see, you keep saying that but, so far, I haven't heard anything interesting at all."

Marcus pursed his lips in a small smile, "Whoever gets to make her break and fall first gets to keep her."

The three of them looked at each other, seemingly satisfied with that. "But before we get into the specifics of that, we have to give her a wholesome King Langley welcome, don't you think?" 

"I can't believe still don't have an English teacher. My parents did not pay for my tuition just so I could hear Kai snore in class for the thousandth time." Nina muttered, annoyed, as we made our way to the cafeteria.

Kai shrugged at Nina's statement.

"I can't believe Lilac talked back to the kings." Cece spoke at 

I chuckled, "I can't believe you find that hard to believe."

Nina laughed as we pushed the doors open, "Iconic I tell you, you are iconic."

As I laughed and walked through the entrance of the place, a loud voice resounded in the great expanse of the cafeteria. 


"Kings? As in all three of them together?" Gail knit her brows and turned to Cece who looked just as surprised as her.

Then upon the center table, three guys stepped up, quite obviously looking at me.

"As I was absent yesterday, the boys thought all three of us should welcome our new student, for not only is she Lilac Dahlberg of Prime & Paramount Enterprises," Dae-Hyun halted for effect, everyone around us mumbling, "But she happened to get on all of our nerves today. Exciting right?"

Gasps and mumbling noises then sounded all around. 

"What my pal Dae-Hyun is trying to say is that we forgot to welcome our newbie properly, the Langely Academy way, so we now are making up for it," Javier continued, smirking devilishly.

"Pal my ass," Cece growled under her breath.

"Now, without further ado, boys..." Marcus extended his hand. 

Quickly, I was taken and carried by two boys over to the table where the kings were. I squealed and attempted to wrangle out of their clutches, but beside the sound of my shrieks and the two guy's grunts, nothing happened.

"PUT HER DOWN, DOUCHEBAG!" the voice of Kai boomed out. I got to turn my head and see he was being held back by not just one, but four guys, and a separate one had a been cupping his nose. 

The guy that was holding his nose pulled his hand away, revealing it was bloody. This boy then lunged at Kai who was being held by 4 people. He punched Kai on the face and he went out cold. The girls, Cece, Gail, and Nina screamed and pushed the guys of the now unconscious Kai. 

I continued to attempt wrangling out. The girls began to fight my captors.

"Don't," the guy holding my legs warped Gail who attempted to help me. Nina and Cece was bringing Kai to a vacant table.

"You wouldn't hit a girl, Vanstrann." Gail barked pulled away from the guy's grip.

"Maybe, but don't force me though." The guy bit back.

Once I was now in front of the three devious idiots, they all looked at me with evil and amused smirks. "My, my, my, Dahlberg," Javier started, "look at you all flustered."

My knit brows deepened as the two guys that carried me finally put me on my feet. They kept their hands on my wrists though. It was then I realized they were twins. Again, could've been cute except they were human trash cans for what they're doing.

"It seems that you get people to be loyal to you really quick." Marcus spoke, looking down at me. "I guess your dad could learn a thing or two from you."


"Hoooo, I like her too much!" Dae-Hyun whistled.

The smirk on their faces faded, and quickly, the two men gripping me suddenly jolted away. I was instantly rained upon and drenched in a sour smelling liquid. I shut my eyes and gasped, in turn tasting it.

It was vinegar.

They doused me in vinegar.

Oh gosh, had this gone to my eyes, I would've gone blind.

My ears rang in silence as I gasped.

"Welcome to Langely Academy!" the three kings then laughed in unison.


"Holy fuck! what the hell happened to you?" my brother grimaced and pulled back due to the sharp smell I still possessed even after washing myself as much as I could in the school's bathroom. 

"Who the fuck did this to you, I swear-" "Please, just take me home." I spoke feeling absolutely helpless. 

I gave him my bag, not wanting to get my stench on it, and trailed off holding my socks, jacket, shoes and sweater in my hand, leaving me only in a hoodie Gail lent me and my still smelly skirt.

"My baby's this way," my brother said, grabbing my forearm.

I raised my brow, "You got your cherry baby already?"

"Who did this to you?" he repeated, ignoring what I said. He turned to me quickly and pushed me into his red car went we got to it. 

Once he got into the driver's seat next to me, he got my damp clothes and threw them at the back seat.

"Roux those are wet, your leather seats-" 

"Who the fuck cares about leather seats at a time like this?" he growled. "Tell me who did this to you."

I looked at him and clenched my jaw. I huffed but answered my brother, "The three kings of Langley Academy."

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