Colour You
Colour You
Author: L. J. Bleyk

chapter 1

He grabbed your neck with one hand and pushed your face into the wall. You groaned slightly when his other hand grabbed the hem of your panties.

A screech filled the air as he quickly ripped your panties into two.

And then there was a moan when he grabbed your waist and kissed your neck before taking his goddamm time to take his clothes off.

Moments later, he was right behind you, lightly bitting the skin of your neck. The sound of skin slapping soon filled the entire room as you dabled in the momentary fulfilment of your carnal desires.

His body was hot and hard behind you as you allowed him to pleasure you on end. Grunts, moans, whimpers and husky yells decorated the atmosphere as you both sort after that one thing.

Delirious ecstasy.

The world blurred slightly as the depth of pleasure rose blinding you for a couple of seconds and then everything became clearer.

Your haggard pants and the need to fill your lungs with oxygen.

His heavy breathing behind you as he rested his head on your shoulder.

Days later,

You walked to your room and sighed.

A knock on the door made you groan as you stood up reluctantly.

You opened the door with a duh face and stared at the korean guy in front of you.

"I thought I told you not to show your face here again"

"It-it keeps twitching", he glanced down his pants and complained

"Then you should cut it off", you said matter-of-factly before banging the door in his face but he stopped it with his foot.

"It needs you babe", he said with a serious expression.

"I don't sleep twice with one guy"

He gave you a smirk.

"Maybe I can be the exception", he whispered with a smile.

You rolled your eyes.

"Please leave, before I call security"

A look flashed in his eyes making you momentarily afraid but you shrugged it away, pulling your phone and dialing a number. He stared at you for a second longer, raising his hand in surrender just as the security guard came in.

"Everything okay ma'am?", the guard asked

You nodded slightly, looking at the kigga

"Yeah, everything's fine Yugeom. He-he was just about to leave".

He smiled, turning his back and licking his lips before walking out of your apartment.

"I'll take my leave now", the security guard, Yugeom said before turning on his heel and walking out.

You heaved a deep sigh of relief and propped on your couch.

Your phone vibrated with a notification from Instagram and you clicked on it.

It was a message from Taeyong.

Few minutes later, the doorbell rang again.

You got up and smiled at the blonde guy.


"Hello B"

He smiled at you as you left the doorway and allowed him to walk in.

As soon as the door closed behind him, you walked over to him and grabbed a fistful of his hair, you pulled his face closer and then pressed ypur lips to his.

A kiss he urgently responded to. None of really liked besting around the bush. He pulled your shirt hastliy, buttons popping eerywhere as he devoured your lips.

Your hands were straight on stroking him through his pants and his hands were deliciously igniting every part of your body. This is what you liked - a no strings attcahed good action.

He pulled the shirt off you, hands moving to your shorts and swiftly letting them fall. Meanwhile, you pulled his pants down together with his boxers and he pushed you unceremoniously onto the couch.

An excited shriek left your mouth as he joined you, body covering yours as he wasyed no time in pushing your panty to the side. He smirked as he aligned his member and you licked your lios just before you felt him slide into you. He didn't set out a slow pace and he didn't give you a chance to adjust either. He kept up a steady fast pace that drove you to tge gates of oblivion and back.

He was different.

He made you feel different.

You coukd actually get addicted to this.

Moans filled the air as they rioped from both your throat and his. His grunts made you more needy, a spell that told you how much he was enjoying tgis and it made you want more.

More pleasure.

Sweat beaded his forehead and dotted his chest, almost glimmering like a character in an anime. He looked so handsome, messy and hot.

You arched your hips, angling your waist so he could reach deeper, into depths no one had explored before.

You whimpered when he finally found that spot. That spot that blinded you for seconds, made you breathless and literally dumb. He kept up the pace, as if he had the stamina of a wild horse. He didn't slow down and kept filling you to the brim with mindless pleasure.

The dam finally broke, as your high came crashing down on your like a blizzard. He followed soon, releasing himself from the throes of pleasure.

Just then, the door suddenly burst open. You were too tired to carne a neck to look though, even if you managed to take a look, you'd probably only see stars.

You whimpered when he suddenly pulled out of you.

And tgen you heard it before you opened your eyes.

A shrill angry voice.

When your vision cleared, you saw an old blonde angry looking woman.

Was that Bambam's mom?

You wondered briefly.

The woman gave you a once over filled with disgust and then before you could register her intent, she had landed a solid slap on your right cheek.

You groaned as blood suddenly filled your mouth, touching your upper lip which was suddenly twitching to find a cut.

Anger bubbled inside uou, making you forget the very obvious fact that you were still naked. All you knew was you had to get her back for busting your lip and with tge intent to kill, you lunged for her, grabbing her hair and throwing a punch, which was deflected by Bambam at the last minute. You turned angry eyes to him and he had tge guts to frown at you.

Like seriously?

You huffed, pushing past Bambam, but he still manfed to restrain you and keep you safely away from the old blonde witch.

"Seriously, dude what is your deal?", you asked angrily

"My deal is simple. Don't touch my girl", he shouted.

You turned angry-surprised eyes on him, huffing once more to calm yourself.

"Know what?...You two should just get the fuck out!"...

Sahara's diary.

01 August, 2020


There are loads of secrets I keep. And desires I hide. Sorry but not sorry, I'm proudly horny and hormonal.

Starting from the highest to least, here is a list of all the men I wanna fuck!

On the top of my first list is








Anticipate the second list...

Stay black!

Be beautiful.

Be bold.

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