Chapter 2

Damn, this stupid protein allergy.

You groaned as the skin on your forearms began to swell slightly. It was pissing you off.

Seriously?, can't have sex in peace?

Crawling ever slowly, you pulled the bedside drawer that contained antihistamines and epinephrine pens.

Fuck!, you hissed as you stuck the pen in your left arm. You took a deep breath afterwards and let your head fall back onto the pillow. Your phone dinged and you lazily used your right arm to search all over the bed for it.

Finally finding it, you squinted at the bright screen, vaguely seeing a message from Taeyong.

The phone dropped from your hand onto the bed and you turned on your belly, closing your eyes and wishing to catch some sleep.

But that failed when your phone dinged again. Another message from Taeyong.

His constant messaging was beginning to make you frustrated but you ignored it again.

After a couple more minutes, the itching stopped and you took a quick bath, got dressed and headed for subway. You and a couple of street models have a photo shoot today and you didn't really want to go. But the truth was that, they were actually paying a pretty decent amount and you just didn't want to miss the opportunity to make some good cash.

You sighed.

Employment was a big deal here especially if you didn't have a degree from one of the prestiguous schools here. That is partly why you've resorted to street modelling.

As the cab stops beside subway, your eyes instantly fall on someone. He was in the middle of a small group of models, photographers and makeup artists. But he was different, in the way he stood out, black hair glistening in the sun and sweat dotting his barely visible forehead.

He was hot. Absolutely ravishing.

As you made your way towards the group, you couldn't help but notice the quick subtle glance he sent your way. The ghost of a smirk dotted the left corner of his lips.

And dayum! Those lips.

You reverted your gaze from his face, stopping just in front of him. He gave a small smile, extended his hand and whispered,

"Hi, I'm Hyunjin"

"Hi", you simply said, clasping your hand in his and offering a small polite smile.

"Alright guys, this is is a sportswear shoot, let's wrap it up quickly", the photographer said with a very soft but yet stern voice. Everyone bowed respectively and took positions beside the wall.

Apparently, the first was a solo shoot. You stood with your neck against the wall, hips out and legs spread wide, than you turned and looked behind you into the camera. Similar poses and plenty of flashes later, you exhaled. Hyunjin's solo was up and you watched him teasingly flaunt his chest as he took a position against the wall.

He took some really good pictures although you barely paid attention . Your eyes were shamelessly sweeping his body up and down and you barely noticed that you'd also unintentionally licked your lips.

Hyunjin however....welll, he caught that subtle reaction of yours and he smirked.

The next shoot was a paired one with Hyunjin. You tamed your hormones temporarily hoping the shoot would end quickly. You weren't really sure how long you'd last in close proximity with him.

All that counted was the effort though, right?

The makeup artist made some touchups and you two posed in front of the camera, him behind you and you being a little extra with the leg.

The photographer laughed a little giving a compliment

"Good", he whispered before the flash of the camera went off.

Hyunjin stared at your side, changing positions so he was back-to-back. A few more pictures and his arms were now wrapped arounf your middle, making it pretty hard to ignore his body.

His head fell on your shoulder and he quickly pecked your neck.

The shoot continued like before. If anyone saw that little peck, they must have assumed it was all part of the theme.

After all, the theme was Sports couple.

Hours later, after the shoot, you bowed respectfully and smiled at everyone as you all called it a day. As you walked to the bus terminal, you couldn't help but glance at the sky. It was really dark now but you could still make out a few clouds in the night sky.

A car suddenly stopped beside you and you wanted if the driver was lost and needed to ask for directions.

Well, it is a big city after all.

You sighed when the mirror rolled down and you literally became awestruck.

Yes, no-one said Hyunjin ownes a car.

"Hop in princess"

You're now at your apartment with yours lips attached to his full lips. His mouth molded to yours like it was made for yours.

"Ah, ah...", you moaned out, trying to get the door closed behond you. Hyunjin hurriedly got the two of you naked and he did a really good job at it too.

Damn those Adonis abs.

His eyes never left yours and you were too impatient for foreplay and so when he did a little nipple tease, you pretty much were ready for a little more than games.

"Ah fuck"

Moans filled the room, followed by husky grunts and sweat. The whole mess made the atmosphere more intense. Sloppy kisses, light touches, fast pace, gripping of arms and then searching of one's body.

It was all perfect. Or it could have have been.

The tide was teasing the shore, rocking against you as you struggled to stay afloat so you wouldn't drown under the wave of the intense pleasure. But you couldn't hold out for long, it was almost like the soft waves that erode the surfaces of rocks and it slowly eroded your last restraint.

You came with such intensity that he grunted and joined you shortly after. He smiled that smile, one that woukd melt every girls heart.

But not yours.

And then he settled behind you, craddling in his arms and pecking your cheeks.

It was a little too sweet for your taste but you didn't complain.

Maybe you'd let him spend the night.

But then he had to go and ruin everything with one comment.

"I can't believe I'm already saying this.....but, I think I'm already falling for you"

You reeled back, annoyance evident in your eyes and he must have gotten confused because he frowned.

"Get the fuck out! Right now"

Sahara's diary.

06 August, 2020


Today, I got another one-night stand!. Daum! He good!

There are 3 things worth keeping in mind;

1.Be Black

2. Be bold


3. Be beautifully complicated!

Stay Black!

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