chapter 3

"As I said earlier...this is purely experimental. I told you six months ago, that we could only try it. I never said it was a full proof plan!", Sasha said in an exasperated voice.

Sasha was a doctor and your best friend. She knew everything about you. Like damn, you wouldn't even think about hiding stuff from her. Sasha was fortunate even though she was also black, and from Nigeria. At 24, she had it all. A stable job, a cute South African boyfriend and a puppy.

You sighed.

"Look Sash, I'm not complaining. I like this, I'm okay and I understand"

She smiled,

"Girl, you better promise me you will be getting all that korean dick!", she changed the topic so swiftly that you almost choked on air.

If only she knew, you were already dining in that arena.

"Sash?...what know what?, just tell Seth I said hi".

You quickly grabbed your bag and rushed out of her clinic. No way are you talking about your sex life with Sasha.

Your phone rang for the third time today and you took a third look at the caller ID.

Lee Taeyong.

Talk about persistence, that guy obviously didn't know English and he definitely doesn't know what the word NO means. You shook your head as you head out out the door but the world literally halted as you stopped and stared wide-eyed at the man in front of you.

He gave that smile, the evil one that made your insides churn but you didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he scared the hell out of  you, so you straightened your back and decided to ignore him. You walked briskly past him in a way that didn't give away the fact that all you wanted to do at the moment was run.

Suddenly, he was beside you. His fingers wrapped around your arm and he whispered in an icy voice, "don't even think of pulling some stupid shid like you did last time, because I promise'll regret it". His threat sank in deep actually taking the words that were dying to leave your lips and cementing them down your throat.

You pouted and allowed him to walk you to his blue Porsche. He opened the passenger's door and you hesitated, praying for some miracle. Seconds later when nothing happened, you took a breath and sat down. He closed the door swiftly and walked briskly to his side opening the door and climbing in.

Just as he was about to close his door, something stopped him. More like a hand. You couldn't see a face but the  veiny mascular hand could only belong to a man.

You watched as the other man shoved the nuisance of a man sitting beside you forward causing his forehead to collide with the dashboard. He fell limply on his seat. The new man quickly opened your door and helped you climb out.

"Hi. Questions later, come with me", he said.

"Wait...why are you saving me?", you asked.

"He's out", he gestured toward the man behind the wheel. "But it won't be for long, so you either shelf your curiosity and follow me...or wait here for him to wake up"

You thought for a second, and decided it would be better to leave with this man.

He grabbed your hand and you both headed towards a side of twon you didn't even know existed. He seemed to know each and every corner though so you let him guide you....hopefully to safety.

When you reeached a small apartment, je pulled out keys, opened it and asked you in. You sighed as soon as you took a seat. Now the questions could begin.

"Who are you?"

"Oh right. I'm Yugeom. I saw you earlier with whoever that was and I thought you needed help"

You smiled.

"Thanks, its not a major problem. Anyway, I would take my leave now"

He licked his lips involuntarily and damn, that looked hot!. You cleared your throat and smiled awkwardly.

Yugeom smiled back. "Okay, I'll take you". On the way to your apartment, you and Yugeom made conversation, talked about food mostly then work.

Soon, he pulled his motorcycle in front of your apartment and escorted you to your door.

"Thank you so much for tonight Yugeom. I'm sincerely grateful", you said with a smile.

"Its no problem at all Sara", he whispered.

"Its Sahara...", you corrected.

"Ow...", he giggled making your insides warm up. It would be bad to have some dinner right now especially with all that happened today.

"Hey, uhm, I was wondering if you'd maybe like a cup of black coffee?"

He raised a brow, "yes, ibwould love to!"

As soon as he walked into the simple apartment. You shoved him to the door and kissed him hard on the lips. He immediately responded, lips latching themselves to yours and tongue already seeking entrance into your mouth.

You obliged, hands stealthily moving to lock the door behind him. He switched, now pressing you against the hard oak door. He kissed down your neck while his fingers moved along your thigh slowly inching towards your cherry.

Damn, the guy knows how to make a woman wet!, you thought.

A moan escaped from your lips as his fingers continued to explore your body. He didn't bother to discard yours or his clothes. He only pulled down his zipper and let his dick free.

Damn!, the guy likes to get right down to business!, you thought again.

Before you could ask him to walk you to the couch, he was already shoving his member into you.

"Fuck!", you whimpered.

He started a pattern of fast then slow thrusts, ramming into you like the last place he'd ever be. He filled to the brim, pulled back almost completely and left you needy. Until you decided to take tge reigns. You wrapped your legs around him and held his waist. Nails dug into the flesh of his back and he started a wild frenzy of thrusts, not slowing down till he found that spot.

The spot that made you see lights behind your closed eyelids. You screamed when you couldn't take anymore of it and allowed him to fill you, your mind went blank in that second and he grunted, following you as he pumped his member inside you.

"Fuck that was so good"

Sahara's diary

10 August

Full name is Sahara Savanna.

I'm from Sudan.

My skin shimmers in the sun and I bask in the sunshine on suuny days, that is my favourite thing to do in summer.

Anyway, I have an allergy.

A protein allergy.

Its called HSP.

Human Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity.

Its a condition that makes me allergic to semen. Protection Status