His confession

The ball went on and everyone was enjoying themselves. Scelo, Kwezi’s cousin was just standing in a corner looking at Mapula and hoping that he could be the one to be in her presence, the one she gave attention to and the one she smiled at. But she paid him no mind, it was like he did not exist and that alone made him hate the ones who are fortunate to have her in their lives.

He found them to be undeserving of her attention but he could not do anything but watch from a distance. Lebo and Kwezi were the happiest. Enjoying themselves and each other's company as her father kept an eye on them. He did not like Lebo close to his daughter at all, that was mainly because he looked older than her and he did not like that.

Zasembo was enjoying herself, she was introduced to all the royals of Bakoena including Reneilwe, Thabiso’s sister and lover to Tokelo the king of Bakoena. She found them to be very nice people and they welcomed her with open arms. They did not m

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