Bakoena Kingdom

After a while, the chief priest instructed the queen to take the princess inside. She did as told and as soon as she stepped inside with the princess the rain stopped, the clouds cleared and the sun came out. People were shocked and all the kings who has princes quickly requested to have a word with king Lerumo. They had already sensed that the child was favoured and none of them wanted to miss out. The king asked his personal guard to tell the kings to wait for him in the throne room where the meeting will be held. The king then called the elders and went to the guest chamber.

“My elders, I requested your presence here to ask you to come with me to a short meeting” Elder Simon already had an idea what the meeting is about and he was pleased with the news. “But my king, this is supposed to be a celebration not a day for meetings.” Said elder David. “This cannot wait dear elder and it will only be for a short while, I also don’t want to ruin this day with endless meetings.” The elders nodded and they left going to the throne room.

When they got to the throne room other kings were already waiting there, including his old friend king Letsi of BaTloung kingdom. “Greetings once again my dear kings, I don’t want us to waste time since this is not a good day to be having meetings.” Said the king getting straight to the point. “Greetings Lerumo, I know, and I believe none of us here want to waste your time.” Hearing the king of Romo’s voice set the king off but he composed himself. “I will get to the point old friend, all of us here have one thing in common and that is to arrange marriage between your princess and our princes. So, you can choose which kingdom you would like to marry your princess into.” Said the king of BaTloung. “If you go for my kingdom then rest assured that your princess will be well taken care of, as you know we are the second largest kingdom after BaTloung, and we are still expanding.” Said the king of BaTlakwana in a bragging tone.

“My kings I hear what are saying and I know that this is something that has been practiced by our forefathers and still continues to this day. However, I would like for us to put this matter on hold until the princess reaches maturity.” Said the king not wanting to discuss giving away his princess this early. “Well said old friend and now I think there is nothing more to discuss.” Said the king of BaTloung. “Then the meeting is adjourned, let us go back out there and enjoy the festivities.

Everyone went back out, food and drinks were served, people enjoyed themselves others building alliances. The king went to look for his queen as he last saw her during the ceremony. He found her barking orders to the maidens. She turned and was met with the loving eyes of her king. “My king, shouldn’t you be with your guests?” the king smiled pulling her away from the maidens. “I should but I came to check on my queen.” The queen smiled “You did well but I am held up now. By the way what was your meeting about and why are my princes not home?” ask the queen. “The meeting we will discuss later, the princes couldn’t come home because they are busy with exams at the moment so we will only see them during the holidays.” He pulled her to his arms. “Oh, how I long for my princes” the king kissed her forehead “I long for them just as much my queen. Now let me go back please don’t work too hard.” He kissed her one last time before letting go. “I wont my king.” The left.


“Simon, you have to make sure that this damn princess gets married before her maturity ceremony.” Said the man “I know, and I will make sure of it.” Elder Simon assured but the latter was not convinced. “You and Lance keep saying that, but nothing has been done thus far. Move quickly or we shall meet our doom.” Elder Simon understood clearly what the man was talking about. “You also need to help us.” This annoyed the man. “How am I supposed to assist when I am banned from setting foot in that kingdom.?” Elder Simon knew this, but he still asked for the man’s assistance. “Use your connections” the elder pressed on. “I will go and visit that witch from BaTlakwana he will help us.” Said the man thinking out loud “Hurry, we don’t have time.” He man’s eyes turn cold; he does not like being told what to do but he did not say anything. “I will go there this evening” the man said and left.

Elder Simon went back to the palace to looking for elder Lance, he found him and took him aside to inform him of the plan. They both agreed to keep an eye out for the mystery man when he comes the evening. Later that evening the mystery man arrived in the kingdom, the two elders met him, and they went to see the witch. “What now, what do you want this time?” asked the witch clearly not pleased by the man’s presence at his home.

“I want something that will make my dear half-brother agree to anything Simon and Lance say.” Stated the man “You know that will require royal blood” said the witch “You can take mine or you can sacrifice the princess if you want, I don’t care.” Said the man without the care in the world. “I still want to live so I can’t use the princess, she is highly favoured. Yours will do for now but the effect wont last more than a week since you are not of pure blood. Whatever you want do it within a week.” Informed the witch. “I understand” said the man “ Now give me your hand” he took his hand and made a cut then squeezed his blood into a bowl and mixed it with some oils and herbs then gave it to the man. “Now remember you only have a week” the man just looked at the blood flowing out of his hand.

He hated that his blood was not pure enough for him to sit on the throne, he hated that something as insignificant as blood could keep him away from what he truly desires. But not for long, he thought. “Yes, I head you the first time, here is your money” the witch shook his head, he knew that the man’s ambition will lead to his downfall. “Put the money on the floor” the man threw the money on the floor and left. His eyes still glued to the blood on his hand.

He was only a bastard child, a shame that couldn’t sit on the throne, a half blood that couldn’t even be announced in public that he is one of the kings children because he will be called the one word he hated ever since he learnt its meaning. “illegitimate”

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