The flowing sadness
The flowing sadness
Author: NineStar 619
The Turn of smile.

"AAAAAAA!!!!" yelled a horrible scream of a lady around the whole rich house.

The maids and gardeners, all grew petrified by hearing this. Not knowing from which corner if the house this echoed. 

But, a little paces ran as fast her feet could carry her to the center room of the house. She arrived near the huge and called out in her soft voice, "Mama! Mama! Are you there? Please open!!"

She begin to beat the door with her little hands, like the strength of every three and half years child has."Open mama!. It's Loathefiya!" but, her hands only happing the door. 

Fear begin to first time get her. A child facing fear was trembling her whole body as she stood in the Great Hall way alone with no one in the left or right, just she near the door and knowing her mother just behind but, didn't get any idea why wasn't she answering her.

"Mother!!!! Mama!" called out the child as tear were about to fill up, when heavy steps passed by and a maid got the glimpses. She found the little girl standing right in front of the door and understood Loathefiya has found the sort of the scream. 

"Over here!" the maid called out from behind and others caught up. 

Looking at many ladies and few men coming around the door, she got horrified and begin to scratch the door like fearsome kitten, looking for any escape.

The first Maid carried her up on her arms, getting away and said, "We must open the door"

Two men hit the door and kicked it serval times as the door was designed and build up with expensive quality of wood. "Darn it!." said the right one, "it won't break up!"

"We have to do something" said a maid worried, "Her a team seemed horrible. We have to open it. Quick. something must have happened to her inside."

Everyone were however, confounded about what do be done. Sob.... sob... hearing a whip, everyone's attention went on the little girl who was been carried on an arm. She was covering her face and taking a tight grip of the frock. 

"Bring an Axe!" suggested a servant, "I will break it"

All were panicked. Knowing how punishable it would be to do this act. A servant was ones wiped for spoiling a painting and almost appeared as dead. 

The other time was when a maid was banished just for breaking a normal plate. 

But, this was out hands was this servant really going end up his life. He argued this was emergency and then found out all glued themselves their feet on the ground. He sighed and ran himself to get one. 

Within two minutes, he returned with a shining Axe. The maid hid the child turning aside. 

"Stand back!" he alarmed and raised the Axe high. 


The servant hit the door with all his might and the others watched in depression. The child in the arms was now shivering by hearing the loud ear blowing noises. The people didn't have any sense to move her away from the scene due to which Loathefiya was frightening more. 

A crack broke through open after ten strikes and finally the door opened. 

When they entered, everyone got shocked to find the big luxury room in a terrible mess as though, an earth quake has crushed everything. Drawers opened, cup board messed up, treasure chests damaged with curtains torn and bed sheets messed off the floor with pillows and blankets improper. Nothing was called fine. 

Every maids were frozen while viewing this and their attention broke out when a child voice asked, "Where is mama?"

Everyone looked around and suddenly, a maid shouted, "THERE!"

A young lady dressed in noble frock from neck to foot was lying as lifeless being in front of the highly burning chimney. "Get her away from there!" said a servant and two maids pulled her back. There checked her and said, worried,

"She's highly fevered. We need a doctor!"

"Right!" ran out the servants. 

"MAMA!!! " yelled a child tearing her voice calling her, when she saw the lady on the floor.

"Take her away!" said another maid to the one who was carrying the child and she nodded and ran out pulling away the crying child calling out in nonstop tears.

"MAMA!!! MAMA!!!"

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