Bullets and Wines
Bullets and Wines
Author: Chamilos

"It wouldn't be the same," I whispered

His eyes darkened, I could see his emotions swirling around, the pain, betrayal, longing, and hope.

I know, I made a wrong decision. In his eyes, on the empire's views, I was a traitor, without them knowing that I just sacrificed myself just to protect them, to protect him and his mafia.

"F*ck it Inka! I don't care about everything! I need you! I would do everything just come back to me, love!" 

Tears brimmed on his eyes, he clenched his jaws. I shook my head, stopping myself from crying.

"If only I could, Read. If only I could but I couldn't." I whispered

The wind blew my hair, blocking my view of him. I stepped back and turned around.

"Remember the deal, Inka. Leave him." The f*cker said on my earpiece.

I looked back at him, seeing his pain. 

"I'm sorry." I softly said tears strolled down upon my cheeks. 

I jumped from the top of the building as the f*cker's men caught me with ease.

"I would take a bullet for you just to prove my love," I whispered upon the wind.

"Only to find out you were the one holding the gun." He whispered as he turned his back with a war on his mind.

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