Chapter 9

Author POV

Time seems to stop for Violen. Oxygen seems to disappear around her. she wasn't even sure that she was still human with life. What she saw was like a cinema screen showing a hot scene. It was clear that Daren was enjoying a hot kiss with that woman.

Daren, who realized Violen was frozen, staring at him, tried to get closer to Violen. Out of nowhere, Violen's legs suddenly walked backward when he realized Daren was walking toward her. Initially, Violen retreated with only a few small steps. The closer to him, the greater Violen's step backward, and did not need to wait for the moon to turn into noon, Violen immediately ran to avoid Daren.

Violen ran his way through the crowd enjoying party music, ignoring Daren, who was shouting her name. The voice of Daren calling Violen's name made Lesley turn around, aware of the situation, Lesley came along with Daren to chase Violen to the outside door.

Violen hurriedly took off her high heels, throwing them in any direction. She lifted
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