11 : Undone

Unbearably awkward moments stretched into minutes while he got dressed. Théo hung his clothes and ignored her, his movements quite rushed.

He wasn't talking to her―as expected. Stiff on the hotel bed, Veronica stayed hunched over and kept her mouth shut. She focused her distracted mind and gaze somewhere away from his face.

His very handsome face. And beautiful eyes and mouth...

Ugh! What the frick was going on with her? Such desperation.

It was pathetic. It was driving her mad, annoyingly helpless that her chest ached at the mere sight of him. Théo staying here with her all night, alone with her in a small room...it felt too much to handle.

She shouldn't even be in New York right now. She should be back home, working with her bandmates, finishing the recording. But, of course she drove out to the city. She needed to see him.

One night would be enough. Just this once. She had to straighten things out with him―be it the last time he'd come see her. Was it another sign of depres
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