13 : Last Goodbye?

✖ WARNING! ✖ Content below not intended for young readers. Read at your discretion. ✖

• Present day •

It shouldn't take her another hour to finally convince him that she had to leave now. He knew she had to work in the morning, record another song in the studio with Kyle and Dan, and he'd always respected the fact that she prioritized her job and her career more than ever.

Being a musician was basically all she knew and did since graduating college. However, considering the current circumstances, he might try to stop her from leaving him again, only because he didn't want to be left alone, it seemed. Veronica sighed to herself.

Her failed attempts to not cry her eyes out left her flat on the covers, lying face-down, marinating in utter shame and disgust with herself. Instead of giving him proper closure and kissing him goodbye for the last time, they ended up having sex again.

Stupid. Pudding head. Hopelessly naïve. She could already hear her parents' voice in her head. They didn
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