18 : Call A Friend

"What? How is she?"

The question made Kyle recheck the time on his phone. Must be around eleven in Paris.

Pretty early. Jamie was a late sleeper. They could chat until he got the answers he wanted. Besides, Jamie didn't sound displeased that he'd interrupted her weeknight, giving her a call without early notice.

She sounded surprised, though. "I had no idea," Jamie sighed over the line.

"Still at it. Won't even talk to me or Dan."

"Er...I haven't called her since Tues—  Friday. I messaged her this morning. She hasn't called or texted me back," Jamie replied, her voice raspy, probably tired. "She okay? Can't reach her cell."

"Probably turned off. She's sleeping," Kyle replied. He gripped his phone and let out a sigh.  The past couple of days, he'd been trying to have a serious conversation with Veronica, but she just

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