Kyla's P.O.V..

Why did that guy kissed me that day? Who is he? He always stare at me like a some sort of a weirdo, its creeping me out. My mom said that he is a good guy tsk. I cant believe her.

Do I have a past memory with that guy? If yes why didn't he talk to me? What's the problem?

I always feel like, I knew that guy and someone told me that I'm his wife. I need to know the truth about that guy and me, as soon as possible.

"Hi Ms. Valdeo or should I say Mrs. Fidalgo. Nice seeing you again maam." A woman infront of me greeted me with a smile on her face.

"Umm excuse me, have we met before? And for your information, I am not married yet, and who the hell say that to you?" I asked her, and to be honest, im starting to get upset about this bullshit.

"Im really sorry maam for the misunderstanding! Im helen, secretary of your husband, sir Helix. Im the one who clothed you, the night when you were so wet. Im also the one
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