Alert: Arrogant Young Lord

At the same time on the topmost floor of Lu Corporation, the CEO/Chairman, stared at his phone incredulously, he could not believe that the little girl who would quiver at his presence would oh so openly ignore him. To his surprise, she had dared hang up on him, something that has never happened in all 18 years of her life and for him in more than 20 years. He'd chuckled darkly, wondering if he was wrong. Calling his assistant into his office, he'd sent him to inquire on exactly what happened, after all, regardless of how he viewed his daughter, she was still the sole heir to his company. In less than 30 minutes, his assistant was back, sporting an incredulous look, he presented a file before his CEO and while the former was perusing the file, started telling him exactly what had happened in the company that morning. It was only then that James Lu realized that his daughter whom he had looked down on was an interesting girl, she was better than what he thought. He turned his attention to the file, and realized that to his dismay, a lot of underqualified workers had been employed, and that his company was facing severe crisis at that point because of bad internal management. He wondered how his daughter had found out what was going on within a few weeks. He realized that the problem had been going on for years and he'd never found out. He started pondering just what kind of person his daughter was. He finally realized that he knew nothing about this first born of his, chuckling he picked up his phone, dialling her number, only to find it switched off, speechless, he muttered to himself "Is she avoiding me?". He couldn't find that answer to that question so he simply put down his phone, making up his mind to talk to her later, continued his work


At the same time, Xinya was sprawled out on her bed, trying to plan out her life, "I really don't want to get married out of the blues" she muttered to herself "but what to do?"  Xinya picked up her phone, looked at the blank screen, sighed, and got up. She walked up to her closet, opened the door and lightly knocked purposefully against a small crack on the wall, a dialpad was revealed and Xinya punched in a password, a light click sound was heard and a mechanical voice spoke out, "voice identification" "Starlight" came a cold chilly voice, which sounded nothing like the quiet Xinya,

"pupil identification" Xinya walked forward

and stared at the crack beside the dialpad. "Click" the panel was replaced with another.

"Fingerprint identification".

She placed her middle finger on the sensor in the corner of the dialpad and a fourth click sounded "Welcome Starlight" 

This time a cute childish voice sounded "It's been a while".

"New mission?"

"Quite a few"

Snickering, Xinya picked up an old looking laptop from that box, she clicked shut down on the box and watched as the contraption went back to it's pre opening position, it was as if no one had ever been there before.

Xinya carried the system with her an returned to her bed, she switched it on and to her surprise, there were countless notifications, missions and assignments were aplenty as well as personal messages questioning her sudden disappearance from the circle. She smiled. 

Starlight, Young Master of the hacker world, and a figure that could oh so easily, and with a single movement turn the entire hacker circle into a chaotic place. She chuckled, scrolling through the messages and alliance rankings and as she did she realized that she who had once been number two in the rankings, second only to her uncle who was the Hacker Lord and number one on the rankings was no longer in her place. She soon realized that her name was no longer in any ranking list and all of her previous records had all been smashed by a newcomer six years plus ago, she smiled remembering that most of the records were set when she was only six and that before she'd retired she broken those records several times over. 

Very few people had known that her uncle Max who was her mom's younger brother and the pampered profligate who'd disappeared more than ten years ago was the world's number one hacker and the founder of the Hacker Alliance. Her father had never liked that uncle of hers who'd loved to dress sloppily and who spent most of his time playing games, but how would they have known that the games where the younger man spent most of his time was only a farce and that those games merely hid his hack history.

Her lips curled upwards uncontrollably as she remembered how her father had done everything humanly possible to prevent her uncle from being in contact with her and being a bad influence to her after she'd turned five. But how, she wondered would her father react if he found out that she'd been completely influenced by her uncle when she was only three. By the time she was three and half shed started practicing her hand speed and practicing the hacking basics and by the age of six she'd broken through as a professional hacker. She'd broken all the records in the hacker alliance and over the next five years had become the second to the Hacker Lord becoming the most qualified successor of the hacker world.

However, when she was eleven her father had found out her gaming tendencies and had seized her laptop, she'd been forced to promise to never play games and since she'd had no choice and her laptop was confiscated she'd simply promised. For seven years she'd never hacked anything not even when her uncle had sneaked into her home and installed the secret compartment in her closet. She'd done her best all through the years trying to make herself presentable before her dad but at that point she no longer found it necessary. She'd decided that she'd leave no stone unturned in her quest for success. She Xinya Adeline Lu was going to make sure of that.

With that her hands had quickly flown across the laptop as she began a series of upgrades not knowing that at the very moment she'd powered on the laptop two beams of light had shot out in two different locations. One came from an office on the highest level of the base of the Hacker Alliance where a man languidly turned to look at the object disrupting his meeting as his face showed a gentle smile which shocked his subordinates who had come to view him as a blood sucking devil, In a voice that could only be described as gentle he said "The Young Lord is back... I thought it'll require a couple more years for her to come back to her senses".

And the other chime had come from a hidden room in a huge mansion where another man had simply muttered "Finally" before sending out a series of notifications.

Unaware, Xinya had focused on her laptop, accepting and completing missions at a fast pace.

The sun slowly begun to set and the rays shone a young girl with her face slightly tilted, looking languid while her hands moved at an incredibly fast speed, her aura strong and addictive. At that moment she was not Xinya Lu, rather she was Starlight, the Arrogant Young Lord

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