The Dinner

     After a tiring 4 hours before a laptop, Xinya found herself with a new Swiss account and a bank balance of a few tens of millions. Her name once buried under the dust along side thousands of others, had once again swept through the list in the space of a couple of hours, she'd made it into the top one thousand, her eyes lingered on the verification button besides her name. She didn't know it but at that moment her actions had caused a ripple in the Hacker world. She had jumped into the nine hundreds and still moving upwards. She smiled, wondering to herself if her father would let her back out of the marriage agreement if she filled in the gaps in finances and if she found him a good financial advisor. 

"If I handed him a few couple of millions, would he die of a heart attack" She wondered to herself "or would he accuse me of robbing a bank?"  Xinya chuckled at her thoughts.

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