Meanwhile in a huge mansion in another part of the city, a man stood by the window, watching the distant waves as he listened to the reports presented by the men who stood in front of him.

     That man was the current Head of the Hidden Gu family. The colossus who had ruled the entire T city for generations and who's name alone struck fear into the hearts of many countries across the world.

     Xanfeng Gu, the current Head of the Gu family and elder brother to Max, was known in the hacker world as Fade. he was the only one in the world who could operate using the Gu family's insignia. However at that moment, he looked nothing like the stern family head, instead he had the demeanor of a father looking out for his young daughter.

     "You mean to tell me that she agreed to marrying the brat from the Feng family?" He spoke up, his dipleasure showing.

"Yes master" one of men responded.

Xanfeng Gu sighed,

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