Giving Up was Not an Option.

Lu Xinya watched the man, her expression neutral.

She'd seen plenty like him, arrogant and annoying old men who thought they were better than everyone, and refused to consider the opinions of young people, especially younger people such as herself.

Lu Xinya was about to question him when she realized she didn't even know his name. Not wanting to be overly harsh, she asked sweetly, "What do you call yourself again?"

The man blanched, at the end, he was still a company executive, yet she had calmly disrespected him, but despite the anger burning through him he could do nothing.

Years of being overly cautious had thought him to do anything he wasn't sure of and so he would swallow that day's humiliation. But he would mark today, the humiliation was one he would return a hundred folds.over the moment he got the chance to. A moment Lu Xinya would never give anyone.

" My name is Song Fang"

" Okay, Mr Song, I have a question on these proposal

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