Mu Feng gritted his teeth. He really didn't know what had possessed him to call that annoying girl.

He would have kept his sanity by simply staying on his own but no, he'd allowed the snippets of conversation he'd overheard this morning get to him.

He sighed.

She was obviously fine, at least she still had the strength to scold him.

With those thoughts he focused back in his work.

But focusing on his work was easier said than done. His mind kept returning to what he'd heard this morning. 

His mom had implied that Lu Xinya was having issues with her work and other related issues and from what he'd heard it sounded like her dad didn't care about her so he'd wanted to ask her if she needed any help from him but she'd snubbed him completely. 

'Damn, he must be a fool to attempt helping that annoying girl'

He tried to focus his attention back on his work. 

But, his mother's words were still hunting his memory.
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