Stand Next to Me.

Mu Feng dropped the pen in his hand and picked up his phone. He sent a text to Lu Xinya asking if she was free and if she could accompany him to a charity event. 

He didn't want to call because he didn't know if she was busy or if she had gone for the meeting she told him she had. 

After waiting for a few minutes and there was no reply he turned his attention to the documents in front of him. He'd call her later, he decided.

Meanwhile, a certain person was sitting in the boardroom with the majority of the board members and the department heads. 

Projects after projects were discussed and conclusions where reached for most of the projects when someone mentioned the fact that Xinya had been asked to go through old files and check if anything had been missed.

Xinya stared at the middle aged man who suddenly called her out. It didn't take extraordinary intelligence to tell that the man had been quite intentional about his act.


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Rayane Tebri
that's crazy YESSS finally we are gating the update we were waiting for...I wish the author could finish this story :)^_^

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