The Nigerian Cutie
The Nigerian Cutie
Author: ZezeLove
Chapter One (1)

Korede's POV

"I don't want to move Dad" I complain to my Dad.

He's just finished telling me he was relocated to the US and as usual I was the last in the whole house to know.

Okay let me give a brief introduction of my self. I am Korede Bello. I am seventeen years old, I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and that's the only place I have ever known, my life and friends are here. I have even got my music. I love to sing, music has always been an escape for me. I have two siblings. Jasmine; who's the first born and Ezra; who's the second and I am the last... Which brings us back to the real story (how my life just got ruined).

"Korede, I don't have a choice, the company chose me to head the company in the US, it pays more and has a lot of financial back up, it's not something I can pass up" my Dad said obviously frustrated at my stubbornness.

"And why was I the last to know?" I said looking at my mom,Jasmine and Ezra.

"K-man we were going to tell you, but daddy said he wanted to tell you. Guy no vex" he said. (Don't mind that nickname, he is just a nicknamer)

"How I no go vex?" I asked him , very upset. I am usually a very understanding person but this is to much to bear.

"Korede, try understand na, plus you think say na only you wey dey leave friends. That is why there's WhatsApp, Skype,imo and the rest. So stop throwing a tantrum. You are usually understanding so what the hell is with you now?" My sister Jasmine spoke.

At that point I walked out, no that's not true I stormed out. I needed to cool down and think. I called my friend Dave.

Binaan : Dave-o, how fa na, you dey house?

Dave: Yes o

Korede: Abeg, you go fit meet me for park?

Dave: okay, I am on my way.

Korede: okay, later.

5 minutes later

"Guy, what's up?" I hear Dave

"Dave, we're relocating to the US" I said

Dave just stared at me blankly as though he had seen a ghost.

"When do you leave" he asked

"Next week Saturday"

"Wow, but we'll talk right?" He asked

"Yes" I replied

"Okay na" he said "but you don't look to happy about it" he added.

"I am not, I don't wanna leave" I said, the anger evident in my voice

"But KB, you don't have a choice" he said

"I don't" I swear for a split second I almost used a cuss word


"My friends and my life is in Nigeria. I said it I no wan go Yankee" I said

And then Dave started laughing.

"KB, some people are looking for this opportunity and here you are saying you don't want to go, oh boy ehn!" He said

"Hmmmn" I said and frowned at him

"Did you tell your Dad that you don't want to go?" He asked

"Yes na, but he's not listening, he said I have to. So I stormed out of the house" I said

"You, Korede Bello walkedowalked on your Dad?" He said surprised. He was right it is totally not me to do such a thing.

"I know, I know, I shouldn't have done that and I am..." I groaned

"Just deal with it, who knows you might end up liking it there. For now go home apologize to your Dad and everyone and then start packing" he said. Dave's like three years older than me sort of treats me like a child sometimes. But I listened to him and knew he was right.

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