Couldn't Make it Once

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the quiz master began to say, after the applause had subsided. “There we have our six contestants in the junior category. They are about to go through two rounds.” He paused to observe both the contestants and the audience. The joy on their faces gave him the reassurance he needed. This competition still holds value and he was glad to be its anchor.

“The first round is 12 objective questions where they each have 5 seconds to input their answer on the digital screen in front of them. At the end of round 1, the top 3 contestants with the highest score move on to round 2” – he chuckled – “which is the Olympiad 60 seconds of fame.

“In round 2, each contestant will be given 60 seconds to provide answers to questions as much as possible. At the end of round 1 and 2, the two contestants with the highest combined score in both rounds, move to the semifinals.”

The quiz master sighed

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