60 Seconds of Fame

“I now know why she’s smiling and using her fingers to stroke her cheeks,” Adura said out of the blues. Ever since she saw Ayo smile, she had been wondering what would make her do so. And just now, it became dawn on her.

“Why?” Perfect asked. She had been as inquisitive as Adura was. She didn’t just give it much thought.

“She’s actually crying and using her fingers to wipe the tears.”

“You don’t mean it!”

“She’s right!” Al-ameen supported the claim, not looking at the person he was talking to. 

Perfect shook her head. “I don’t blame her.” 

“Oh! No!” Emmanuel brought his palm to his face fully. “0.96 seconds?”

“That was really fast,” Funmi said, giving her opinion, without being asked for one.

“Yes,” Oreoluwa agreed with Adura. “I can now see her tears. She&rs

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